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GSA Study Guide

Ground Service Study Guide

What is the number one prority and critical success factor for Horizon Air Safety
What 2 types of hearing protection does Horizon Air provide for you? -Disposable foam earplugs -Headset type
Once an aircraft has been marshalled to a stop at the gate, what is the first piece of equipment that we bring to the aircraft? Chocks
FOD left on the ramp can cause danger or injury to what 4 things? -Aircraft -Employees -Passengers -Equipment
List 3 things to remember for safe lifting -Ask for help if it's too heavy -Bend your knees -Keep it close, keep the curves of your spine
When a BELT LOADER is positioned at an aircraft, a tire must be _____. Chocked
If you need help lifting heavy or bulky items, what should you do? Ask for help
Explain the 15-5 Rule When at 15ft; check the brakes and slow to a walking speed. when at 5ft; STOP ALL vehicles (unless it's the Belt Loader or the Lektro)
What is the maximum driving speed in the ramp (unless posted otherwise) 20
What is the maximum driving speed in close proximity to the aircraft? 5
How many people can ride on a vehicle? How ever many seatbelts it has
A last minute item needs to get to the aircraft and no cart is available, can you place the item on top of your vehicle? No
What are the 12 Dirty Dozen Human Factors Lack of Communication, Complacency, Lack of knowledge, Distraction, Lack of Teamwork, Fatigue, Lack of Resources, Pressure, Lack of Assertiveness, Stress, Lack of Awareness, Norms,
What is an example of a Horizon Air tail number? N400QX
What is the proper sequence when applying ground power to the aircraft? Plug it in, turn it on.
How much space is needed between the yellow step stool and the main cabin door? 2 inches
How will a Ground Service Agent know it is safe to close the main cabin door on a Q400 on a live flight? Thumbs up from the FLIGHT ATTENDANT
What is required to be done to the forward cargo department in all arriving aircraft and prior to departure? Open it and check for cargo
On which Q400 doors do the Ground Service Agents perform visual inspections during the Pre-Departure Walk Around Inspection? Every Single Door
After you close and aircraft door, what are the components that require a tactile inspection? -Handle -Door Seal -Door Vent
What are the responsibilities of the Load Coordinator? -Document Load 0•97A, -Record Load S4A, -Ensure Cargo compartment weight limitations are never exceeded
What are the load team member responsibilities? -Following the LC's instructions, -Ensure the LC knows about each cargo item loaded
Define the PROP ARC Area the propeller occupies while spinnning
When are Ground Service Agents allowed to walk through the Prop Arc? Never
What three situations allow for a Ground Service Agent to ENTER, but not walk through the prop arc? -Prop Tether, -Installing the engine intake plug, -Performing De-Icing related inspections
The 5 tasks IN ORDER performed on all aircraft turns -Setup, -Arrival -Unload, -Load, -Departure,
What kind of information will the flight crew call with? -ETA, -Arrival Fuel, -Potential Delays -Special Service Needs (Bug wipe, Handicapped Passenger, etc.)
When staging a ground support equipment for a flight arrival, the equipment must be staged outside the... Circle of Safety
What is the main purpose of each of the following doors on the Q400. -Forward Right Door -Galley Service Door -Aft Passenger Door -Forward Cargo Door -Aft Cargo Door FWD RT DR -Emergency Exit (Row 2 Emergency Exit) GLY SERV DR -Food & Beverage Service AFT PSNGR -Passenger Boarding & Deplaning FWD CARGO DR -Overflow Cargo & Crewbags AFT CARGO DR -Bags & Cargo
Where are the following Service Panels found on the Q400? 1) Lavatory Servicing Panel 2) GPU Plug-in Panel 3) Fuel Panel 1) Under the FO (First Officer) Window, #2 Engine Side 2) Under the Captains Window, #1 Engine Side 3) BEHIND Engine #2
What MUST occur before a Ground Service Agent can place the chocks on a Q400? - Aircraft comes to a complete stop - Props feather
What do you need to be aware of when chocking an aircraft? Hitting your head on Probes and Sensors
What are two types of bags that are retrieved Planeside? - Planeside Bags (Green tag) -Claim at Gate (Orange tag)
What is a lead-in line? (J LINES) -Yellow lines painted on the ramp to ensure proper position of the aircraft -Used to guide the aircraft to it's final destination
For E175 arrivals, which landing gear should chocks be placed at, and when should they be placed at those locations? 1) Nose Gear 2) #2 Engine Main Landing Gear (after the All-Clear & Engine stops)
What is required to maneuver the Belt Loader away from the cargo compartments of an E175 aircraft? Marshaling agent or a Guide Person
Can you open any cabin door from the INSIDE of an E175? No
What are a Ground Service Agents responsibilities during a pre-departure walk around inspection? 1) Clear area around the aircraft 2)Look for and dispose of FOD 3) Check for unsecured doors and panels 4)Push-Back and Headset are properly connected (side note: TIRES and DAMAGE is pilots responsibility DO NOT answer on test)
What are the duties of a wing walker? •Remain in CONSTANT view of the Push-Back operator •Give the Emergency STOP signal if there is ANY anticipated risk of collision between the aircraft and anything else on the ramp
How many feet of clearance between the aircraft and any obstruction should the wingwalker have to ensure that the moving aircraft is safe? 15ft (Circle of Safety)
List the Maximum Cargo weights for the Q400 Forward Cargo Compartment: 345 lbs Aft Cargo Compartment: 3660 lbs
What is the maximum weight allowed on the upper shelf of the Q400 Aft Cargo Compartment 1,000 lbs
What are the weight ranges for the following items? 1) Normal checked bag _____lbs 2) Heavy checked bag _____lbs 3) Live animal _____lbs 4) Goldstreak _____lbs 5) Freight _____lbs 6) AOG _____lbs 1) NML 0 - 50 lbs 2) HVY 51 - 100 lbs 3) LIVE up to 150 lbs 4) GOLD up to 150 lbs 5) FRT up to 300 lbs 6) AOG up to 500 lbs
What is the average weight of Normal and Heavy Bags? NML - 30 lbs HVY - 60 lbs
What is the purpose of the 0-97A? To help agents plan and record ACTUAL loads
List the 4 steps in order to service the LAVATORY 1) Empty used fluid 2) Flush system with 1 - 2 gallons of fluid 3) Replenish with 3 gallons of fluid 4) Flush toilet 2 - 3 times (Empty, Rinse, Fill, Flush)
Why should high-density items be loaded with the largest surface area on the floor of the cargo compartment? 1) To distribute weight evenly throughout the compartment 2) To avoid exceeding floor bearing weight limitations
How many agents, at minimum, are needed to move the E175 passenger boarding ramp? 3 two pushing with one guiding.
List parts of a Station Response in the event of an emergency 1) Activating Emergency Kits 2) Securing a room for the family members 3) Working with CRC to verify the flight manifest 4) Relaying information to the Emergency Command Center (ECC)
What are some things you WOULD do for a passenger with a disability? 1) Introduce yourself to them 2) Speak DIRECTLY to the passenger when possible 3) Ask the customer if they WOULD LIKE help 4) Ask the customer what is the BEST way to assist them 5) Explain procedures in advance and adapt procedures to the person
What are some things you DO NOT do when interacting with a passenger with a disability? 1) Do Not ask them to identify their disability 2) Don't just direct them to help. ASSIST them instead 3) Airport Wheelchair waits CANNOT exceed 30mins 4) Airlines cannot refuse to transport anybody
What are some examples of services we provide our customers with disabilities? • Pre-boarding • Transfer Assistance • Arrival assistance • Gate checking battery-powered wheelchairs
List some examples of when you would need to complete "Report It" Form? • Aircraft Ground support equipment damage • Pet Incident • Security Failure • Property / Commodity Damage
Define De-icing. De-icing is removing frozen contamination from critical surfaces of an aircraft
Define Anti-Icing. Anti-Icing is protecting the aircraft to prevent frozen contamination from sticking to critical surfaces
List the best practices that can be used to minimize pollution due to FOD. • Keep lids on dumpsters and garbage cans so debris does not blow out • Conduct routine FOD Walks • Keep collection containers and dumpsters under cover if possible • Notify a supervisor whenever a storm water concern is observed
Created by: Greytel
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