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Sad-Ox G 9

acclamation a shout of welcome; an overwhelming verbal vote of approval
bucolic characteristic of the countryside, rural
calumniate to slander
chary extremely cautious
collusion secret agreement or cooperation
dilettante a dabbler in the arts
imperturbable not easily excited; emotionally steady
increment an enlargement, increase, addition
mandate to authoritative command, formal order
paltry trifling, insignificant, mean, despicable
paroxysm a sudden outburst; a spasm, convulsion
pedantry a pretentious display of knowledge; overly rigid attention to rules and details
peregrination the act of traveling; an excursion, especially on foot or to a foreign country
redolent fragrant, smelling strongly; tending to arouse memories
refulgent shining, radiant, resplendent
shibboleth a word, expression, or custom that distinguishes a particular group of people from all others
tyro a beginner, novice
unremitting not stopping, maintained steadily
vacillate to swing indecisively form one idea or course of action to another
vituperative harshly abusive, severely scolding
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