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Blackduck Geo Ch. 10

South American Unit Test Review

Which country speaks mostly Portuguese? Brazil
Which country's main export is oil? Ecuador
Main language of Pacific South America Spanish
Which country has the highest percentage of American Indians than any other South American country? Bolivia
What organization is Argentina a part of? Mercosur
Effect of Argentina's "Dirty War" economy suffered
What early culture had a huge empire in Pacific South America? Inca
Which early culture had a huge empire in central Mexico? Aztec
What condition warms the ocean waters along the Pacific Coast? El Nino
Main mountain range of Pacific South America? Andes
Grasslands area of Argentina? Pampas
Most important part of Paraguay's economy? Agriculture
What are Argentinian cowboys called? Gauchos
Who was the important leader of Argentina who worked to help women's rights and the poor? Eva Peron
A popular religion in Brazil that combines African, Native American, and Catholic beliefs. Macumba
Landlocked countries of South America. Paraguay and Bolivia
Which group was known for its great gold-working? Chibcha
Where are most of Colombia's active volcanoes found? Mountains
The Spanish founded this important port city in present-day Colombia. Cartagena
The capital city of Venezuela. Caracus
The capital city of Colombia. Bogota
The most important part of Venezuela's economy. oil production
Who conquered the Inca? Francisco Pizarro
Great Argentine leader who attempted to redistribute wealth. Hugo Chavez
Who helped several South American countries gain independence? Simon Bolivar
Huge slums found on the outskirts of Brazilian cities. favelas
Being completely surrounded by land. landlocked
People who refuse to work until their demands are met strikers
The high plateau areas found between the ridges of the Andes. altiplanos
Someone who flees to another country for political or economic reasons. refugee
Raised roads that cross water or wet ground areas. causeways
A person of mixed African and European ancestry. mulatto
A person of Spanish ancestry born in America. Creole
A person of mixed Native American and European ancestry. mestizo
A large farm that mainly grows one cash crop. plantation
A regional variety of a language. dialect
Created by: tfranta
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