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Asia Ch 12 2021

Study Guide 2021

What are the main deserts in Asia and where are they located? Gobi is between Mongolia and China and Taklimakan is in Northwestern China.
What are the 5 main rivers in Asia ? Indus River, Ganges River, Yellow River, Yangtze River, and Mekong River.
Where is the Indus River found and where does it empty into? Indus R. is in China, Pakistan, and India and empties into the Arabian Sea
Where is the Ganges River found and where does it empty into? India and Bangladesh and it empties into the Bay of Bengal
Where is the Mekong River found and where does it empty into? Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and it empties into the South China Sea
Where is the Yellow River found and where does it empty into? It flows through China and empties into the Yellow Sea.
Where is the Yangtze River found and where does it empty into? It flows through China and empties into the East China Sea
What is the highest peak in the Himalayas? Mt. Everest
What landform is called the "Roof of the World?" Tibetan Plateau
What is the Khyber Pass and what countries does it connect? It connects Pakistan and Afghanistan and it was part of the Silk Road - a cultural, economic, and geopolitical significant area for Eurasian trade and defense.
What are the major environmental issues facing Asia? flooding, air pollution, and water pollution
What river is holy to Hindus? Ganges River
What has caused the Ganges River to become polluted? animal/human waste, religious practices, industrial waste, overpopulation
Where did the Brown Cloud originate, what caused it to form and what are its effects? It formed over China due to ash, soot, burning of fossil fuels, industrial gases, vehicle emissions, home fires and it has caused weather changes, acid rain, floods, drought, less sunlight, respiratory diseases
What is the oldest practicing religion? Hinduism
What does Confucianism believe is depended on having proper conduct? If people and government are behaved, there will be order and peace in society.
What are the basic Hindu principles? reincarnation, karma, nirvana/moksha
What is the belief that good and bad deeds follow you? Karma
Which religion has no founder and no sacred text? Shinto
What does Buddha mean? "the Enlightened One"
What are the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism? Dukka (suffering), Samudaya, Nirodha (cessation of suffering), and Magga
What major aspect of belief do Hindus and Buddhists share? reincarnation and karma
What country colonized India? Great Britain
What country colonized most of Vietnam and Cambodia? France
What two wars were fought by the U.S. in Indochina? Korean and Vietnam War
Who was the most significant individual in India's fight for independence? Gandhi
What event ended WWII in Asia? bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan
Which 2 movements began to spread in Asia after WWII was over? nationalism and communism
Compare and contrast the independence movements in India and Vietnam. Gandhi led the non-violent independence movement in India while Ho Chi Minh led a violent independence movement in Vietnam.
What was the Domino Theory? If 1 country fell to communism, so would others.
Created by: darcymcfarlane
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