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Countries, Continent

Countries and the continent they are in.

Algeria Africa
Angola Africa
Benin Africa
Botswana Africa
Burkina Faso Africa
Burundi Africa
Cabo Verde Africa
Cameroon Africa
Central African Republic Africa
Chad Africa
Comoros Africa
Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa
Republic of the Congo Africa
Djibouti Africa
Egypt Africa
Equatorial Guinea Africa
Ethiopia Africa
Gabon Africa
Gambia Africa
Ghana Africa
Guinea Africa
Guinea-Bissau Africa
Ivory Coast Africa
Kenya Africa
Lesotho Africa
Liberia Africa
Libya Africa
Madagascar Africa
Malawi Africa
Mali Africa
Mauritania Africa
Mauritius Africa
Morocco Africa
Mozambique Africa
Namibia Africa
Niger Africa
Nigeria Africa
Rwanda Africa
Sao Tome and Principe Africa
Senegal Africa
Seychelles Africa
Serra Leone Africa
Somalia Africa
South Africa Africa
South Sudan Africa
Sudan Africa
Tanzania Africa
Togo Africa
Tunisia Africa
Uganda Africa
Zambia Africa
Zimbabwe Africa
Afghanistan Asia
Armenia Asia
Azerbaijan Asia
Bahrain Asia
Bangladesh Asia
Bhutan Asia
Brunei Asia
Cambodia Asia
China Asia
Cyprus Asia
Georgia Asia
India Asia
Indonesia Asia
Iran Asia
Iraq Asia
Israel Asia
Japan Asia
Jordan Asia
Kazakhstan Asia
Kuwait Asia
Kyrgyzstan Asia
Laos Asia
Lebanon Asia
Malaysia Asia
Maldives Asia
Mongolia Asia
Myanmar(Burma) Asia
Nepal Asia
North Korea Asia
Oman Asia
Pakistan Asia
Palestine Asia
Philippines Asia
Qatar Asia
Russia Asia
Saudi Arabia Asia
Singapore Asia
South Korea Asia
Sri Lanka Asia
Syria Asia
Taiwan Asia
Tajikistan Asia
Thailand Asia
Timor-Leste Asia
Turkey Asia
Turkmenistan Asia
United Arab Emirates Asia
Uzbekistan Asia
Vietnam Asia
Yemen Asia
Albania Europe
Andorra Europe
Armenia Europe
Austria Europe
Azerbaijan Europe
Belarus Europe
Belgium Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe
Bulgaria Europe
Croatia Europe
Cyprus Europe
Czechia Europe
Denmark Europe
Estonia Europe
Finland Europe
France Europe
Georgia Europe
Germany Europe
Greece Europe
Hungary Europe
Iceland Europe
Ireland Europe
Italy Europe
Kazakhstan Europe
Kosovo Europe
Latvia Europe
Liechtenstein Europe
Lithuania Europe
Luxembourg Europe
Malta Europe
Moldova Europe
Monaco Europe
Montenegro Europe
Netherlands Europe
North Macedonia Europe
Norway Europe
Poland Europe
Portugal Europe
Romania Europe
Russia Europe
San Marino Europe
Serbia Europe
Slovakia Europe
Slovenia Europe
Spain Europe
Sweden Europe
Switzerland Europe
Turkey Europe
Ukraine Europe
United Kingdom Europe
Vatican City (Holy See) Europe
Antigua and Barbuda North America
Bahamas North America
Barbados North America
Belize North America
Canada North America
Costa Rica North America
Cuba North America
Dominica North America
Dominican Republic North America
El Salvador North America
Grenada North America
Guatemala North America
Haiti North America
Honduras North America
Jamiaca North America
Mexico North America
Nicaragua North America
Panama North America
Saint Kitts and Nevis North America
Saint Lucia North America
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines North America
Trinidad and Tobago North America
United States of America North America
Anguilla North American Territory
Aruba North American Territory
Bermuda North American Territory
Bonaire North American Territory
British Virgin Islands North American Territory
Cayman Islands North American Territory
Clipperton Island North American Territory
Curacao North American Territory
Greenlands North American Territory
Guadeloupe North American Territory
Martinique North American Territory
Montserrat North American Territory
Navassa Island North American Territory
Puerto Rico North American Territory
Saba North American Territory
Saint Barthelemy North American Territory
Saint Martin North American Territory
Saint Pierre Miquelon North American Territory
Sint Eustatius North American Territory
Sint Martin North American Territory
Turks and Caicos North American Territory
Us Virgin Islands North American Territory
Australia Oceania
Fiji Oceania
Kiribati Oceania
Marshall Islands Oceania
Micronesia Oceania
Nauru Oceania
New Zealand Palau Oceania
Papua New Guinea Oceania
Samoa Oceania
Solomon Islands Oceania
Tonga Oceania
Tuvalu Oceania
Vanuatu Oceania
American Samoa Oceanic Territory
Cook Islands Oceanic Territory
French Polynesia Oceanic Territory
Guam Oceanic Territory
New Caledonia Oceanic Territory
Niue Oceanic Territory
Norfolk Island Oceanic Territory
Northern Mariana Islands Oceanic Territory
Pitcairn Islands Oceanic Territory
Tokelau Oceanic Territory
Wake Island Oceanic Territory
Wallis and Futuna Oceanic Territory
Argentina South America
Bolivia South America
Brazil South America
Chile South America
Colombia South America
Ecuador South America
Guyana South America
Paraguay South America
Peru South America
Suriname South America
Uruguay South America
Venezuela South America
Falkland Islands South American Territory
French Guinea South American Territory
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands South American Territory
Lol Antarctica has no countries Antarctica
Created by: jahogan02
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