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EU policies- CAP

When did Ireland join the European Economic community? (Now EU) 1973
Why was the CAP set up? To stabilise food production across Europe for the 510+ million people living there
What does CAP stand for Common Agricultural Policy
How much will Ireland recieve from the European Agricultural fund for regional development (and between what years) Ireland will receive 2.2 billion euros between 2014-2020 Irish government will also invest 1.7bn
Who does the Areas facing Ntural Constriants fund aid? Farmers in peripheral regions with 195million a year
When was CAP established 1962
What did CAP guarantee? Minimum price for produce sold Irish agricultural was not subject to tariff Stable income for farmers
Agri-Evironment scheme GLAS will... Provide 50,000 farmers with up to 5000euro a year for eco friendly practices.
TAM scheme? Target Agriculture Modernisation scheme
What will the TAM scheme do? Help modernise irish farms with new buildings and practices e.g automated milk parlours. Aimed at young farmers
What caps/ restrictions were put on produce by 1984 due to mass overproduction Quotas on milk, butter and beef 'Mountians'
1992 MacSharry Reform led to a 'set aside' policy. What is a set aside policy? Farmers (particularly cereal farmers) were given a payment for every hectare they did NOT farm.
When was the Rurual Environmental Protection Scheme introduced (REPS) Now Green Low Carbon Agri-Environment Scheme (GLAS) 1994
What are REPS aims? (Now GLAS) -Reduce chemical run off from fertilisers -avoid cutting hedgerows during nesting season -prevent overgrazing -maintain stone walls
Why was the Early Retiremnt Scheme set up. 2007-2013 To encourage older farmers to sell their farms to younger farmers.
Avg age of farmers in 2019? 57
CAP aims -Fair standard of living for farmers -Stable market with guaranteed prices -Availability of food supplies in EU -Incentives to farmers to produce more
Future challenges with CAP -Rural depopulation Under 5% or population employed in Ag sector -land abandonment -brexit -COVID19
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