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CFA 2 Review

To gain access to greater markets in Europe, countries join this organization European Union
A large base on a population pyramid will create a need for more ______________ in the future. schools
Building a dam for hydroelectric power is an example of _________________ development. Sustainable
The seven continents were previously a part of the supercontinent which was called _____________. Pangea
European ______________ influenced countries like Bolivia, Mexico and Panama by leaving aspects of culture behind. colonization
A metropolitan area like Dallas, Chicago, and New York is classified as a _______________ region. Functional
Improved ________________ has contributed to the spread of diseases like the Black Death, and Coronavirus. transportation
Which economic system is based on supply and demand and producers making the goods that consumers want to purchase? Free enterprise
A ______________ eruption led to the devastation of the city of Pompeii which left the city buried in ash. volcanic
What happened to the Bering Straight, the land bridge that allowed the earliest people to walk from Asia to present day North America? melted
In Russia, most people live in the plains _________________ of the Ural Mountains. west
The presence of natural resources is an example of which economic activity? (primary, secondary, tertiary) primary
Which organization controls the distribution of a natural resource? OPEC
What was a result of urbanization in Rio de Janeiro? favelas
The people in North Africa and the Middle East constantly move to find resources that are thinly dispersed across a vast area because they live in which type of biome? desert
Travelers moving from one place to another spreading diseases is an example of a negative effect of __________________. globalization
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