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Study for end of Semester Exam

A school that is maintained at public expense. Public School
A school founded by a private group rather than by the government, usually charging higher tuition. Private School
An official report supplied by a school on the record of an individual student. Transcript
The average grade earned by a student. GPA
Money given to a student for college tuition based on financial need. Financial Aid
An academic title given upon the completion of a course of study in college and universities. Degree
A sum of money given to a student based on merit. Scholarship
Money lent on the condition of being returned with interest. Loan
Money granted to a student for college, that does not need to be repaid. Grant
A degree awarded to a person who has completed undergraduate studies. Bachelor Degree
Degree awarded by a graduate school to a person that has completed graduate level studies. Masters Degree
The highest degree awarded by a graduate school to a person that has completed all graduate level studies and written a dissertation, approved by a board of professors. Doctorate
A student in a college or university that is working toward their bachelor degree. Undergraduate
A subject or field of study chosen by a student. Major
A requirement before taking a class. Prerequisite
The charge or fee for instruction. Tuition
The conditions that need to be met in order to apply to the college or university. Admissions Requirements
A person attending college in their home state. Resident
A person going to college outside their home state. Non-resident
Scholastic Aptitude Test; a standardized test used by college admissions to compare applicants. SAT
A standardized test for college admissions developed by the American College Testing Program. ACT
The grounds, including the buildings, of a college, university, or school. Campus
An institution of learning of the highest level, offering undergraduate and graduate studies. University
A post-secondary institution offering courses in liberal arts and sciences, with a bachelors degree as its highest level. College
High School Education Secondary Education
Education beyond High School Post-Secondary Education
A teacher of the highest academic rank in a college or university. Professor
A teacher ranking below an assistant professor. Instructor
A graduate student appointed as a teacher's assistant in an undergraduate class. Graduate assistant
A building containing a number of rooms for residents, usually along with common bathroom facilities and recreation areas. Dormitory
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