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Sex and babies

vet tech studies in intro to techology

Dog species name Canine
Male dog Dog
Female Dog bitch
young canine puppy
un weaned puppy whelp
giving birth (canine) whelping
group of canines pack
cats species name feline
male feline tom
female feline queeen
young feline kitten
giving birth (feline) queening
horse (species names) equine
male, in tact, 4 years or older [equine] stallion
cryptorchid equine rig / ridgling
female 4 years and older [equine] mare
female used for breeding [equine] brood mare
female never bred [equine] maiden mare
male under 4 years old [equine] colt
female under 4 yrs old [equine] filly
castrated male [equine] gelding
young of either sex [equine] foal
giving birth [equine] foaling
weaned youngster younger than 1 yrs [equine] weanling
youngster between 1 and 2 yrs [equine] yearling
equine that remaines under 14.2 hands pony
a group of horses herd
donkeys (species name) equine
donkey ass
donkey accent burro
male donkey jack/ jack ass
female donkey jenny
male donkey under 4 yrs old colt
female donkey under 4 yrs old filly
young donkey of either sex foal
group of donkeys herd
mules hybrid equines
offspring of a jack and mare mule
offspring of a stallion and jenny hinney
a group of mules herd
Pigs (species name) swine or porcine
male pig boar
female pig sow
un weaned young pig shoat
young female pig that has not farrowed gilt
male pig castrated before maturity barrow
male pig castrated after maturity stag
pig giving birth farrowing
group of pigs herd
sheep [species name] ovine
male sheep ram
female sheep ewe
young sheep lamb
castrated male sheep wether
giving birth [sheep] lambing
group of sheep flock
goat [species name] caprine
male goat buck
female goat doe
young goat kid
goat giving birth kidding
when a diary goat gives birth freshen
a group of goats herd
rabbit [species name] lagomorphs
male rabbit buck
castrated rabbit lapin
female rabbit doe
blind, deaf, young rabbit kit
rabbit giving birth kindling
group of rabbits herd
cattle [species name] bovine
male bovine bull
female bovine cow
young bovine that has not given birth heifer
male bovine castrated while young steer
male bovine castrated after maturity stag
male bovine around maturity intended for breeding jumper bull
heifer pregnant with first calf springing heifer
sterile, usully female calf born with twin brother feemartin
young bovine calf
bovine giving birth calving
when a dairy bovine gives birth freshen
a group of bovine herd
rats/mice [species name] murine
male murine male
female murine female
young muring pup
chicken [species name] poultry
male poultry cock/ rooster
female poultry hen
immature male poultry cockeral
immature male poultry pullet
young castrated male poultry capon
young poultry poult
very young poultry chick
group of poultry flock
geese [species name] anersine
male goose gander
female goose goose
young goose gosling
group or geese gaggle
duck [species name] anersine
male duck drake
female duck duck
young duck duckling
a group of ducks flock
parrots [species name] psittacine
male parrot cock
female parrot hen
young parrote chick
ferret [species name]
male ferret hob
female ferret jill
young ferret kit
ferret giving birth kindling
spayed female [ferret] sprite
nuetered male [ferret] gib
group of ferrets business
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