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West Indies Qs and As

What kind of islands are the West Indies? Volcanic and limestone(vápencové)
What is a group of islands called? Archipelago (souostroví)
What are the two main economic activities of the West Indies? Farming and tourism
How many islands are the Bahamas? 700
Which West Indies country used to be a communist country? Cuba
What is an embargo? A ban on trade.
What does it mean to be literate? To be able to read and write
Which explorer reached the Bahamas in 1492? Christopher Columbus
Which European nation first set up an established community in the West Indies? Spanish
What was the first European city in the West Indies? Santo Dominico
What is a gross domestic product? The amount of money a country earns in a year per person
What are the three archipelagos that are found in the West Indies? Bahamas, Greater Antillies, and Lesser Antillies
Which two countries share and island in the West Indies? Dominican Republic and Haiti
Why did many of the Native Americans die when the Spanish set up homes in the West Indies? Disease and harsh treatment
What climate is in the Carribean mostly? tropical
Which mineral, used to make aluminium, is mined in Jamaica? bauxite
What type of music can you find in the West Indies? e.g. steel drums, salsa, African rythms, reggae, merengue,
What are the most important economic activites on the islands of the West Indies? agriculture(farming) and tourism
What crops is the agriculture in West Indies based on? sugar cane, coffee, bananas, cotton
What is this?One of the Greater Antilles islands whose capital is Kingston. Formed from volcanic eruptions.Used for sugar cane plantations in colonial times, now has Tourist economy. Jamaica
What is this?A Greater Antilles island originally a Spanish colony. The U.S.A. gained control of it after winning the Spanish-American war in 1898. Today it has Commonwealth status making its people U.S. citizens with limited rights. Puerto Rico
What is this? A chain of islands made from coral reefs not part of Antilles which are volcanic.Their capital is Nassau and they are territories of the U.S.A. The Bahamas
What is this? It is situated on the island Hispaniola. First nation to be governed by people of African descent. Began as a French colony but the slaves revolted in 1804, taking control of the plantations on the west of the island.Speak French or Creole. Haiti
What is this?The eastern part of Hispaniola which was settled by Spain but gained independence in 1844. Its population is mainly Mestizo, who speak Spanish, live in rural areas using subsistence farming to survive. the Dominican Republic
The indigenous native americans of the Caribbean Islands. the Caribs, Arawaks, and Ciboney tribes.
What do The Greater Antilles include? Four large islands of Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti, Dominican Republic), Jamaica, and Puerto Rico
What are The Lesser Antilles? 700-mile band of islands that cross the Caribbean from Puerto Rico in the north to the coast of Venezuela in the south. These islands are the peaks of submerged volcanos. Consist of the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands.
Why is the culture in West Indies influenced by African culture? African slaves were brought over to work in the plantations
Who were the five European powers in the Caribbean, and how did they earn their wealth? Spanish, French, British, Danish, Dutch, through sugar trade
Which cultures blend in caribbean culture? Spanish, French, British, Danish, Dutch, African, natives
What is the major religion in caribbean catholic protestant
What language is dominant in the Caribbean? Spanish
What are the major export crops int the Caribbean? banana,citrus fruits,coffee, spices
What is the capital of Jamaica? Kingston
What is the weather like in Jamaica? Tropical
What is the size of Jamaica compared to other Caribbean Islands? Jamaica is the third largest of the Caribbean islands, and the largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean.
What language do moost Jamaicans speak? Although the official language is English, most Jamaicans speak an English-based dialect which is known as patois.
What is the population of Jamaica and what are the main nationalities? Jamaica's multi-racial population of approximately 2.5 million, is predominantly of African, European, East Indian and Chinese heritage, and Jamaica's motto - "Out of Many, One People" is based on these multi-racial roots.
What is the political establishment in Jamaica? Jamaica has a parliamentary democracy based on the Westminster model of Government.
When did Jamaica get independant from UK? The country gained independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain on 1962 August 6. At Independence, Jamaica became a member of the Commonwealth, with Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State. The Queen is represented in Jamaica by the Governor-General.
What does the Jamaican flag look like? Jamaica's Flag has three colours... black, green and gold. The symbolism of the colours is expressed as: Hardships there are but the land is green and the sun shineth.
What religion is commonly associated with Jamaica? The Rastafarian religion. It is based on Christianity but the Bible is read in accordance to Ethiopian fashion and they believe that the true and original descendant of Solomon is embodied in Emperor Haile Selassie. Typical feature is dreadlocks.
What music is typically associated with Jamaica? reggae music - this musical genre developed from the earlier ska beat. Reggae is typically identified with 1980s musician Bob Marley. Dancehall music is an kind of reggae and is gaining internal popularity thanks to artists like Shaggy and Sean Paul.
What is the most popular performing art in Jamaica? The most popular performing art in Jamaica, is pantomime that combines the English form and Jamaican folk tales. They are performed in open-air theaters.
What sports are played in Jamaica? Popular sports include football, cricket, netball and athletics. Many world-class athletes, boxers and cricketers were Jamaicans. Dominoes is a popular game in Jamaica.
What is the currency in Jamaica? Jamaican Dollar
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