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Geography Topic 9

Torah The ____________ contains teachings of Moses.
Neolithic The ________________ Revolution was a major turning point in human history because humans began living in settled farming communities.
Egypt The Persian empire conquered most of southwest asia and ____________ before it was conquered by Alexander the Great.
Muslim A good statement of the spread of Islam during the time of the Arab conquests is Islam spread inside and outside the Arab _______ empire.
Christians Jesus was God inhuman form and God the Father created the universe were core beliefs that most _________________ share.
Umayyad ______________ expanded the Muslim empire to its greatest extent.
Abbasid _____________ made Baghdad a cultural capital.
Safavid _____________ made Shia Islam the official religion of Persia.
Israel The Arab nations oppose the formation of the independent state of ____________ because they felt the the entire Palestine Mandate should belong to them.
Babylonians The ___________________ conquered the Israelites was the event that led to the start of the Jewish Diaspora.
Akkadians When Sargon, leader of the ____________, invaded Sumer, he created the first known empire.
Medina Muhammad moved from Mecca to the city of ___________ because he and his followers faced persecution in Mecca.
Crusades The main purpose of the ___________ was to free Jerusalem from Muslim control.
Moses According to the Hebrew Bible, the Jewish belief in Canaan as the Promised Land is based on the covenant between _________ and God.
Paul The apostle ____________'s major contribution to Christianity was as an early convert to Christianity, he helped it spread beyond Jewish roots.
Created by: Classof2026
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