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Weather Prediction 1

Apologia PhyScience Module 8

Define-Updraft A current of rising air.
Define-Insulator A substance that does not conduct electricity very well.
The same cloud precipitates snow on a mountain and rain in the nearby valley. Does the Bergeron process or the collision-coalescence theory best describe the process causing precipitation from that cloud? The Bergeron process theory.
What is dew point? What two factors influence it? The temperature at which dew forms. Influenced by the pressure and humidity of the air. The higher the pressure and humidity , the higher the dew point.
A thunderstorm cell is raining, and there is no updraft. In what stage is the thunderstorm cell? Will there be hail at this point in the thunderstorm? The mature stage. Sometimes consist of hail at this point in the thunderstorm.
If the mature stage of a thunderstorm last for 30 minutes maximum, why can thunderstorms rain heavy sheets of rain for several hours? This storm is composed of several thunderstorm cells which enables heavy rains to last longer.
Why don't you see lightning from nimbostratus clouds? The charge imbalance that causes lightning starts in a cloud and cannot form unless the cloud is tall.
What happens first in a lightning bolt: a return stroke or a stepped leader? A stepped leader will occur first in a lightning bolt.
How does lightning cause thunder? Lightning causes thunder by heating up the air through which it passes. That heat generates a wave that we detect as sound.
Is it possible for sheet of lightning to strike a person? Sheet lightning cannot strike a person because it is cloud-to-cloud lightning.
A tornado is in its organization stage. Has it touched the ground yet? Yes, it has touched ground. That marks the beginning of the organization stage.
What differentiates a tropical storm from a tropical disturbance? Wind speed differentiates all of the classifications of potential hurricanes.
Where is the calmest part of a hurricane? The eye is calm.
Looking at the weather map. Is the atmospheric pressure in Houston Tx higher, lower, or equivalent to that in Atlanta, GA? The pressure is equivalent because the two cities are on the same isobar.
According to the weather map. Is the atmospheric pressure in Chicago, IL higher, lower or equivalent to that in New York, NY? The pressure in Chicago is higher because Chicago is more than 3 isobars from the "L", while New York is only between 2 and 3 isobars from the "L".
According to the weather map. What city listed on the map might have been experiencing the thundershowers at the time this map was drawn? New York might be experiencing thunderstorms because of the cold front.
According to the weather map. What city listed on the map should expect warmer weather? Houston should expect warmer weather, since it is in the path of a warm front.
Where does the thunder in a thunder storm come from? Thunder is the result of superheated air traveling out form the lightning bolt in waves. When those waves hit our eardrum, we interpret them as sound. Since the waves are violent, the sound is loud.
What is the differance between sheet lightning and a lightning bolt? Sheet lightning is cloud-to-cloud lightning while lightning bolts are cloud-to-ground lightning. The lightning bolts, therefore, hit the ground, while sheet lightning never does.
What kind of cloud is necessary for tornado formation? A cumulonimbus cloud must be present to form a tornado. The vortex will not form without the strong updraft of a thunderstorm cell that forms a cumulonimbus cloud.
List the five stages of a tornado in order. At which stage is the tornado most destructive? The stages of a tornado are: the whirl stage,the organizing stage, the mature stage, the shrinking stage, and the decaying stage. The tornado is most destructive in its mature stage.
What are the four classifications taht lead to a hurricane? What is used to determine which classification a storm fits in? A hurricane starts out as a tropical disturbance, then becomes a tropical depression, then a tropical storm, and finally a tropical cyclone. The wind speeds int he storm determine in which classification a storm belongs.
What causes a hurricane in the Southern Hemisphere to rotate in a different direction than a hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere? The Coriolis effect causes hurricanes in different hemispheres to rotate differently.
What is the difference between drizzle and rain? Only the size of the raindrop. Drizzle has very small water droplets, while raindrop are bigger.
What are the differences between sleet, hail and freezing rain? Sleet is much smaller than hail, both of them are frozen before they hit the ground. Freezing rain, on the other hand, is liquid until it hits a cold surface. Formed differently, hail is recycled through the cloud several times while sleet is not.
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