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Hindi Vocabulary

Words and Phrases

आजकल nowadays "aajkal"
अभी right now, at this very moment abhi
दो घंटे two hours do ghante
आज की तारीख today's date aaj ki tarikh
पिछले हफ्ता last week
सावधानी caution; carefully (se)
अच्छा तरह से (done) well, in a good way
बुरा तरह से (done) badly, poorly, in a bad way bura tarah se
खास special
बाल hair
काटना to cut kaaTna
दिवस day divas
निकल पड़ना to set out nikal paDnaa
मदद help madd
वक्त time vakt
बीवी wife
नाई barber, hairdresser
उदास sad / gloomy
वापस back (direction) vaapas
लौटना to return / go back lautnaa
गुस्से anger; in anger
दर्ज़ी tailor darazee
पहूँना to reach, to reach out to pahoonna
फुरसत leisure, free time Fem.
इतने so much, such itne
लगना to feel, to seem* lagnaa *has many more meanings aswell
बेचारा poor, hopeless
बढ़ई carpenter barhaee
हैरान amazed, perplexed, astonished hairaan
हैरान-परेशां confused, shocked hairaan-pareshaan
बोर करना to bore bor karna
अगर if
भोला भोला-सा innocent bholaa quite innocent bholaa-sa
नुकसान harm, danger
भतीजा nephew bhatijaa
थोड़ा a little, hardly, scarcely thoraa
दावत feast daavat
तैयार ready taiyaar
तैयार करना to make ready, to prepare Ne.
धयान attention dhayaan
सवाल question savaal
जवाब answer javaab
अगला next aglaa
मांगना to ask, to demand maangnaa
समझना to understand samajhanaa
फ़ोन करना to call, to phone fon karnaa
खरीदना to buy khareedanaa
बेचना to sell becanaa
छापना to print chaapanaa
डाक post (f)
मंगवाना N. to order, to send for (especially through someone else)
ख़ूब well, proficient, good, nice khoob
ख़याल opinion, thought khayaal
जनता public jantaa
असली real, genuine aslee
गुंडा lout, oaf, ruffian gundaa
खीरा cucumber kharee
इंतजार करना to wait intazaar karnaa
दाहिना right (direction) dahinaa
बायां left (direction) baayaan
ताज़ा fresh taazaa
रौशनी light roshnee
बैग bag baig
रखना to put rakhnaa
नरम soft naram
मुलायम soft (of a sound)
रोकना to stop roknaa
पक्का ripe pakka
पकना to ripen pakna
स्वाद flavour, taste svaad
मालूम Known maalum
ज़ुकाम Cold zukaam
अरे Hey are
बुखार fever bukhaar
मेहनती Hardworking mehanati
कुछ some kuch
कुछ नहीं Nothing kuch nahin
कोई someone koi
कोई नहीं No one
आराम Rest aaraam
कपड़ा Cloth, garment kapDaa
क़लम Pen Masc.
चीज़ thing ciz
चश्मा specs cashmaa
तबियत Health tabiyat
तस्वीर Photo tasvir
दरवाज़ा Door darvaazaa
दीवार Wall divaar
पर्दा / परदा Curtain Masc.
फर्श Floors farsh
परिवार Family Masc.
रिश्तेदार Relative rishtedaar
रसोईघर kitchen rasoighar
वगैरह Et cetera vagairaha
शहर City Masc.
शायद probably, maybe
समय Time Masc.
सामान luggage, furniture saamaan
सारा All
प्यारा Dear, lovely pyaaraa
विदेश foreign videsh
मतलब meaning matlab
मित्र friend mitr
अकेला Alone akelaa
बाहर outside baahar
खूबसूरत beautiful khubsurat
स्वादिष्ट Delicious
दिली Of the heart, intimate
तंग Narrow
तंग करना To harass / annoy
निकालना To come out / go out
दिखना To appear, be seen; to seem
तकलीफ trouble / distress (f)
देर / विलंब delay (m)
प्रोग्राम plan
मिलाना N. To bring together, to mix, to dial (a number), to join (hands), to tune (a musical instrument )
के बारे में about, concerning
निवेदन request
खुद oneself, myself
संभव possible
असंभव impossible
विशवस confidence, trust vishvs
(को) गाली देना to insult, abuse ko gaali dena
मरना to hit, to kill
अनदेखना करना to ignore
झगड़ा to quarrel, fight
उगना to grow (intr., of a plant)
फेंकना To throw, chuck (ne)
पास near, close
झूठ lie, falsehoods (m)
सलाह advice, counsel (f)
जिम्मेदारी responsibility (f)
भूलना to forget, to eer (on the side of caution) bhoolna
इलाज treatment, cure, remedy (m)
तुरंत immediately
सीढ़ी stair, staircase, ladder (f)
पकड़ना to catch. To grab, hold (idiomatically)
असुविधा inconvenience (f)
अवश्य certainly, of course
Created by: Erebus1992
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