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Complete Hindi


अकेला Akelā Alone
अफ़साेस Afsos (Regret)
अरे Are (Oh! What!)
उम्र Umr, umar (Age)
एकदम Ekdam (Completely)
आैर Aur (And,more,other,else)
कम Kam (Less,little)
कल Kal (Yesterday,tomorrow )
काम Kām (Work)
कालेच Kālej (College)
कि Ki (That)
कुछ नहीं Kuch nahì (~) (Nothing)
क्लास Klās (Class)
खाना Khānā (Food)
ख़ुशी Khuśī (Happiness,pleasure)
ख़ूबसूरत (first letter has a (.) hidden inside the ( ू ) Khūbsūrat (Beautiful, handsome )
गरम Garam (Warm,hot)
गोली Golī (Tablet,pill)
घर पर Ghar par (At home)
चाँदी cãdī f. Silver
चाचा Cācā m. Paternal uncle
चाय cāy Tea
ज़ुकाम Zukām A cold
च़यादा Zyādā More,very
को 1. To 2. To have 3. Marker of the direct object
ठंडा thanda: [t(.)han(.)d(.)a] Cold
तो to so, as for,then etc. 1. At the beginning of a phrase, it means 'so', or 'them' 2.following a word or phrase, it contrasts that preceding item to some other item in the same context
भा, भी,भो, भीं thā, thī,the, thī(~) Was,were
दक़तर daftar m. Office
दाल dāl. f. daal, lentils
दुकान dukān Shop
दोस्त dost. m.,f. Friend
पड़ोसी Parosī: par(.)osī
पसंद pasand Liked,pleasing
पहली pahle previously
पहाड़ pahār(.) Dear, lovely
प्यारा pyārā dear, lovely
बंद band closed, shut
बाज़ार bāzār market
बाल-बचचो bāl-bacce. m.pl Children, family
बाहर bāhar out;outside
बुख़ार bukhār m. Fever
मज़बूत mazbūt strong
मतलब matlab m.
महल mahal m. palace
माँ mã(~) f. Ma, Mother
मालूम mālūm known
िमत्र mitr m.
मेहनती mehnatī hardworking
िर२तेदार riśtedār m,f Relative
वाराणसी Vārānāsī: vārān(.)asī f. Varanasi, Banaras
िवदेश videś m. Foreign county; aboard
समोसा samosā m. Samosa
साल sāl year
सोना sonā m. gold
सौ sau Hundred
होिशयार hośiyār Clever, intelligent
आना ānā To come
इधर idhar Here, over here
उघर udhar there,over there
ऋिष rsi.: r(.)s(.)i Sage, seer
कंबल kambal Blanket
करना karnā to do
का,की,को kā/kī/ke 's. ( indicating possession)
कफ़ी kāfī f. Coffee
कुत्ता kuttā m. dog
कुरता kurtā m. Kurtā, Indian shirt
कौनसा/सी/सो kaunsā/sī/se Which?
ख़त khat m. Letter
ख़याल khayāl m. Opinion
खान मार्केट Khan market m.
खाना khānā To eat
िखलाना khilānā To serve, give to eat
िखलौना Khilaunā m. Toy
घड़ा ghorā m. Horse
चलना calnā to move
िपरय ( in the book र connects to प) priy dear
Created by: LalaJae