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Phobia Study Easy

Darkness Achuophobia
Heights Acrophobia
Flying Aerophobia
Pain Algophobia
Chickens Alektorophobia
Public Spaces or Crowds Agoraphobia
Needles or Pointed Objects Aichmophobia
Riding in a Car Amaxophobia
Men Androphobia
Angina or Choking Anginophobia
Flowers Anthophobia
People or Society Anthropophobia
Being Touched Aphenphosmphobia
Spiders Arachnophobia
Numbers Arithmophobia
Thunder and Lightning Astraphobia
Disorder or Untidiness Ataxophobia
Imperfection Atelophobia
Failure Atychiphobia
Being Alone Autophobia
Bacteria Bacteriophobia
Gravity Barophobia
Stairs or Steep Slopes Bathmophobia
Amphibians Batrachophobia
Pins and Needles Belonephobia
Books Bibliophobia
Plants Botanophobia
Ugliness Cacophobia
Being Ridiculed Categelophobia
Mirrors Catoptrophobia
Snow Chinophobia
Colors Chromophobia
Clocks Chronomentrophobia
Confined Spaces Claustrophobia
Clowns Coulrophobia
Computers Cyberphobia
Dogs Cynophobia
Trees Dendrophobia
Dentists Dentophobia
Houses Domatophobia
Accidents Dystychipophobia
The Home Ecophobia
Cats Elurophobia
Insects Entomophobia
Teenagers Ephebiphobia
Horses Equinophobia
Marriage Gamophobia
Knees Genuphobia
Speaking in Public Glossophobia
Women Gynophobia
Sun Heliophobia
Blood Hemophobia
Reptiles Herpetophobia
Water Hydrophobia
Illness Hypochondria
Doctors Iatrophobia
Insects Insectophobia
Rooms Full of People Koinoniphobia
Created by: Buttercup08
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