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South Africa Quiz

South Africa Quiz - Chapter 9

What were homelands? Areas where blacks were forced to live during apartheid.
What are South Africa's most valuable natural resources? Gold, diamonds, platinum
What is the largest ethnic group in South Africa? Zulus
Which world leader spent 27 years in prison and led the movement against apartheid in South Africa? Nelson Mandela
Which 2 countries border South Africa? Namibia and Zimbabwe
Describe the African National Congress. Formed to fight for the rights of blacks in South Africa.
What type of system best describes South Africa's government? parliamentary democracy
Name the capitals of South Africa. Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein
What is the currency of South Africa? Rand
What does bicameral mean? Two house parliament
Which group of people first colonized South Africa? The Dutch
What action did other countries take to pressure South Africa to end its apartheid laws? Many countries imposed embargoes and/or sanctions on South Africa.
What describes South Africa's economy? The second largest economy in Africa.
The policy of racial segregation in South Africa was called _____________. apartheid
What type of economy does South Africa have? market
Which two bodies of water surround South Africa? Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean
What are the names of the 2 courts in the South African judicial branch? Supreme Court of Appeals and Constitutional Court
Why does South Africa still have a high unemployment rate even though its literacy rate is high? People are still suffering from the effects of apartheid.
What is the goal of the National Development Plan? To reduce and end poverty and inequality
What did South African President F.W. de Klerk eventually decide about the country's apartheid laws? He began to repeal them.
Created by: darcymcfarlane
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