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The History

This person stripped down and went in freezing cold water for 25 bucks Chloe
This person was eager to hol din chicken in Mexico Skyler
This loves all that includes syrup as an appropriate topping Chloe
This person had a tooth nicknamed "fugly" Erika
This person had a chinchila that was later sold Chloe
This was the name of th efirst Pavlovich hamster Uncle Frank
She busted open her head when jumping on her bed Chloe
She needs to go to agroomer to get her butt glands expressed Alice
She sings the most in our house Skyler
Chloe played this character in her first grade play Cinderella
Chloe wasd this disney characetr fr one of her first halloweens Buzz Lightyear
This was the loudest baby the nurse had ever heard Skyler
This person graduated from Chico State Erika
She earned the responsibilty citizenship award in 4h grade Chloe
She earned the trustworthy award in 2nd grade Skyler
This person is know for having a beautiful, very large big toe Tony
This is what Skler nick named her sister when she was little Chlo-Chlo
M's are for mookies and mookies are for ____? me
Mom sang this song whil erocking Chloe to sleep. Teenage Dirt Bag Baby
Most likely to trip or spill something during dinner Skyler
Sky Pie the ____________. French Fry
Fill in this nickname: Sweetie Gonzalez
Graduated fron CU in Colorado Tony
Who is Poonie Poon Poon Baja
Put barbeque sauce all over a cat in mexico Josh
Loevs to play games and cards Skyler
Is creative at poetry and writing songs Chloe
had a goat when they were little Tony
was kicked out of tap dancing class Erika
The name of Chloe's first stuffed animal Sofa
Likes hot sauce Tony
Dad likes thisharacter the most in super mario cars Waluigi
Alices nickname wishy-san
Created by: tony.pavlovich
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