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Chinese Sentences 1

Evan's Chinese sentences for writing and reading practice.

Hello. My name is Li Hua. His name is Zhang Ming. What is your name? 你好。我名字叫李华。他名字叫张明。你名字叫什么?
They all are not happy. 他们都不高兴。
Good morning. How are you today? They all are not well. 早上好。你今天怎么样?他们都不好。
Where are you? Where is his home? 你在哪?他的家在哪儿?
I like Hong Kong. He likes Taiwan. Beijing is in China. 我喜欢香港。他喜欢台湾。北京在中国。
I don't drink tea. I drink water. 我不喝茶。我喝水。
What is Teacher Li's phone number? I already have Doctor Wang's phone number. 李老师的电话是多少?我已经有王医生的电话号码了。
He is American. She is British. 他是美国人。她是英国人。
My father does not have a younger sister. My mother has three younger brothers. 我爸爸没有妹妹。我妈妈有三个弟弟。
Excuse me, what is your name? I don't know. 请问,你叫什么名字?我不知道。
Teacher, please help me. Say it again. Please help my little brother. 老师,请帮助我。再说一次。请帮助我的弟弟。
Thank you. You're welcome. 谢谢。不客气。
Sorry! No worries. 对不起。没关系。
Is this your Chinese teacher? Americans and British people also speak English. Do you speak English? 这是你的汉语老师吗?英国人 和美国人也说英语。你说英语吗?
I have an older brother and an older sister. I love my family. 我有一个哥哥和一个姐姐。我爱我的家人。
You eat noodles. I also eat noodles. I don't eat rice. 你吃面。我也吃面。我不吃米饭。
New York is in the US. My mother lives in Canada. Her home is in London. 纽约在美国。我母亲住在加拿大。她的家在伦敦。
The students are at the school. 学生在学校。
Teacher Wang is very busy today. 王老师今天很忙。
I am happy to know you. 很高兴认识你。
I work at the hospital. 我在医院工作。
See you in a bit. 一会儿见。
Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Good night. 早上好!下午好。晚上好。晚安!
long time no see. 好久不见。
I have been not bad recently. 我最近不错。
Goodbye. 再见。
He wants fish and hot tea. 他要鱼和热茶。
Does your husband want ice water? 你先生要喝冰水吗?
Does your wife want milk or coffee? 你的太太要牛奶或咖啡吗?
husband 丈夫/先生
wife 妻子/先生
Created by: malcontent128



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