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PGS341 Ch.3 Other A

Maj. Reflexes In Newborns (name: response, age when reflex disappears, sig.)

Babinski A baby's toes fan out when the sole of the foot is stroked from heel to toe; 8-12 months; perhaps a remnant of evolution
Blink A baby's eyes close in response to bright light or loud noise; Permanent; Protects the eyes
Moro A baby throws its arms out & then inward (as if embracing) in response to loud noise or when its head falls; 6 mos; May help a baby cling to its mother
Palmar A baby grasps an object placed in the palm of its hand; 3-4 mos; Precursor to voluntary walking
Rooting When a baby's cheek is stroked, it turns its head toward the stroking and opens its mouth; 3-4 weeks (replaced by voluntary head turning); helps a baby find the nipple
Stepping A baby who is held upright by an adult and is then moved forward begins to step rhythmically; 2-3 mos; Precursor to voluntary walking
Sucking A baby sucks when an object is placed in its mouth; 4 mos (replaced by voluntary sucking); Permits feeding
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