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BIM 1 Midterms Vocab

Business Information Management

Ribbon A set of commands and command groups at the top of the document window, which you can minimize or hide
Title Bar The bar at the top of the document that displays the document name
Status Bar The bar at the bottom of the document that displays information you choose to display, including the page number, word count, display settings, and zoom options.
Margin The blank space around the boundaries of the document content
Column Break A mark to indicate where text ends in one column and begins in the next column
Comment A not about specific content within a document
Copy Places a copy of a selection of content on the Clipboard for pasting somewhere else later
Cut Removes a selection of content and places it on the Clipboard for pasting later
Formatting Symbol A hidden character that indicates formatting within a document such as an indentation, space, or carriage return
Page Break Marks the point at which a page ends and another begins
Page Setup Margins, paper, and layout settings
Paste Adds the most recently placed content on the Clipboard to you document
Section Break Marks the point at which a new section of content begins
Styles Specific text formatting that you can apply to individual paragraphs, title, headings, lists, and other text
Themes A unique set of colors, fonts, and effects that you can apply to a document
Screenshot A snapshot of an application or window that you have open on your device.
Bring Forward A command for bringing an object to the front of the stack of layered objects
Send Backward A command for sending an object to the back of the stack of layered objects
Text Box A rectangular frame into which you enter text. You use text boxes to showcase important text, such as titles, headings, and quotes
Bibliography A detailed list of sources used in the document
Citation A reference to the original source of an idea
Endnote A reference at the end of the document.
Footnote A reference at the end of the page
Header An area at the top of the page
Footer An area at the bottom of each page
Created by: Vivian Ton
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