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MH Unit 2


Personality Sum of one's character traits including attributes, drives, aspirations, inhibitions, strengths, weaknesses, and all patterns of reaction
Mind conscious, subconcious, and unconcious considered as whole
Trust Confidence in or reliance upon the character, ability, strength, or truth of another
Autonomy Self-containment: developing, responding, and reacting independently
Identity Self-image or self-concept; sense of unity and continuity of one's own self in the face of changing experiences
Industry Ability to desire to do the simple tasks such as drawing or putting puzzles together
Accomplishment Development of interests and abilities either alone or in group activity
Renewed Identity Development of sense of being an independent individual with one's own idea's, needs and goals
Involution Period in the late Middle Ages when retrogressive psychological changes take place, including the loss of capacity for reproduction
Defnse Mechanism Psychological technique performed by the ego, carried out below the subject's threshold of awareness, and designed to ward off anxiety or unpleasant tensions
Affect Emotional reactions associated with an experience including inner feelings and external manifestations
Dynamics Constantly operating forces within a system that results in some type of action of observable result. EX unconscious impulses
Enmeshed boundaries are weak- interactions tense; dependency high -autonomy low; issue of power and control
Roles particular responsibilities/ patterns of behavior assumed by family members
Power influences each family member has on family process and function
Family, myths well ingrained beliefs shared by members about each other and positions in family life
Dyads marital couple united; dysfunctional when intimacies shift leaving one member out
Sibling position birth order influences communication and behavior
Parentification process of role reversal whereby the child takes on adult responsibilities
Scapegoat usually the identifiable patient, who is the blame for the conflict in the family
Disengaged refers to the family structure where members are distant and disconnected.
Triangulation occurs when there is a conflict b/w 2 family members and they attempt to involve a 3rd person asked to take a side
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