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Italian vocabulary booster

To Live abitare
To Listen Ascoltare
To Wait(for) Aspetare
To Sing Cantare
To Buy Comprare
To Wish/Want Desiderare
To Ask Domandare
to play (a game) Giocare (a)
To Watch/Look at Guardare
To learn Imprarare
To Begin (In)cominciare
To Work Lavorare
To Eat Mangiare
To Speak (to/about) Parlare (a/di)
To Think (about) Pensare (a/di [penso a is used when thinking about something, penso di used when thinking about doing something])
To Explain Spiegare
To Play (an instrument) Suonare
To Meet Incontrare
I listen to my teacher Ascolto mio/mia Professor(essa)
Where do you live? Dove abiti tu?
No, I don't live in Italy, I live in America No, non abito in Italia, abito in America
I eat breakfast with my roommate. Mangio la colazione con mio compagno di stanza.
to ask Chiedere
to close Chiudere
to believe Credere
to read Leggere
to lose/miss(the bus, etc.) Perdere
to take Prendere
to recieve Ricevere
to repeat Ripetere
To answer(respond) Rispondere
to write Scrivere
to see Vedere
to live Vivere
some/a few Alcuni(e)
each/every Ogni (invariable)
little/few poco (pochi)
some qualche
how much quanto
delicious squisito
much/so much tanto
too much troppo
the whole/all/every tutto
to open Aprire
to sleep Dormire
to follow/take a course Seguire
to hear Sentire
to serve Servire
Created by: sbennet2