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Unit 3 Review

SS7G2 & SS7G3

The region that covers most of the central coast of Africa. Rainforest
Vast area of rolling grasslands with low shrubs that supports a variety of animals. Savanna
The largest desert in northern Africa. Sahara Desert
Semi-arid region between the Sahara Desert and the rainforest that is slowly turning into a desert. Sahel
The basic physical systems of a country's population, including healthcare, roads, utilities, water, and sewage. infrastructure
A country surrounded by land. landlocked
The total loss of forest by cutting down too many trees. deforestation
The process of turning productive, or semi arid land into nonproductive desert. Expanding of the desert. desertification
The name for a set area that gets some rainfall or where there is a spring. oasis
The most reliable way to get across the Sahara. camel
One who wanders from place to place to find food and water. nomad
The area where desertification is the greatest. Sahel
Logging for industry, farming, and fuel is the main reason the loss of trees in this part of Africa. Rainforest
Herders allowing their animals to eat too much natural vegetation. overgrazing
Country in West Africa that has the Niger River and the Sahel in the north. Nigeria
North African country that has the Nile River as its water source. Egypt
Central African country that is mostly rainforest. Democratic Republic of Congo
East African country in the savanna region. Kenya
Country in the southern most tip of Africa. South Africa
Country that has divided into two countries due to ethnic conflict. Sudan
Largest lake in Africa. Lake Victoria
River with the most tributaries because it is in the rainforest. Congo River
Longest river in Africa. Nile River
Biggest problem in the African rainforests cutting down trees for fuel and to sell
How does polluted water cause problems in sub-Saharan Africa? people get sick
This provides for the basic needs of the farmer’s family, with little or nothing left over to sell subsistence farming
The process of bringing water to dry land to use for farming or other purposes. irrigation
What happens to the supply of clean water as the population grows in some countries? the supply decreases
cause- polluted water is killing the fish or making them unfit to eat. What is the effect? effect- this is harming the fishing industry
list three main environmental issues of Africa water pollution and unequal distribution, deforestation, and desertification
What are some causes of water pollution in Africa? factories, people and animal waste, overpopulation, frequency of parasites living in standing water
How has industrialization added to the water pollution problem and why is it ignored by some government officials in Africa? factories pollute the water but the increased profit is helping the economy so regulations and environmental issues are not a major concern for the countries involved
What are causes of desertification and what areas of Africa are affected? Poor farming techniques, overuse of land, overgrazing by animals, cutting down of trees and other vegetation results in desertification in areas such as the Sahara/Sahel.
Created by: carrie.pate
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