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Beijing's building

特别 especially/special tè bié
胡同 Chinese small alley hú tóng
四合院 courtyard house sì hé yuàn
差不多 almost/approximately chà bú duō
go through. drill into zuàn
印象 impression yìn xiàng
deep/dark shēn
shallow/light qiǎn
水井 water well shuǐ jǐng
其实 in fact qí shí
街道 street jiē dào
几乎 almost jǐ hū
方向 direction fāng xiàng
构成 to comprise; to be made up of gòu chéng
大约 about/approximately/roughly dà yuē
有趣 interesting yǒu qù
比如 for example/such as bǐ rú
手帕 handkerchief shǒu pà
羊尾巴 sheep's tail yáng wěi bā
to be like/to resemble xiàng
住宅 residence/dwelling zhù zhái
to surround/to encircle wéi
安静 quiet ān jìng
和睦 harmonious/peaceful hé mù
受到 to be subject to shòu dào
完整 intact/complete wán zhěng
正好 just right/just in time/just happen/just enough zhèng hǎo
导游 tour guide dǎo yóu
除了....以外 in addition to.../besides... chú le... yǐ wài
to knock qiāo
walk around/browsing guàng
主意 idea zhǔ yì
紫禁城 Forbidden city zǐ jìn chéng
皇城 Royal city huáng chéng
形成 to form/ xíng chéng
基础 basis/foundation jī chǔ
发展 development fā zhǎn
保护 to protect bǎo hù
高楼大厦 high rise building gāo lóu dà shà
认为 to think/ to express one's opinion rèn wéi
怎么办 how to do zěn me bàn
记得 to remember/to recall jì dé
动物园 zoo dòng wù yuán
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