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PCOL 1024A

Integumentary System Medications

GenericBrand/Trade NameIndication / Contraindication
salicylic acid mild acne
clindamycin Dalacin T topical antibiotic acne
clindamycin + benzoyl peroxide Benzaclin Clindoxyl topical antibiotic acne
dapsone Aczone topical antibiotic acne
azelaic acid Finacea topical antibiotic inflammatory acne vulgaris
metronidazole MetroGel Noritate topical antibiotic rosacea
erthyromycin + benzoyl peroxide Benzamycin topical antibiotic acne *must refrigerate*
adapalene Differin retinoid acne
adapalene + benzoyl peroxide Tactupump retinoid acne
isotretinoin Accutane Claris Epuris retinoid severe acne *pregnancy*
tazarotene Tazorac retinoid acne, psoriasis
tretinoin Retin-A Stieva-A retinoid acne, skin cancer, photo-damaged skin
brimonidine Onreltea rosacea *worsening of erythema, cardiac/respiratory problems*
lidocaine Xylocaine Solarcaine "caine/cane" -> numbing sunburn pain
benzocaine Lanacane "caine/cane" -> numbing sunburn pain
silver silfadiazine Flamazine SSD prevents infection in servious burns *be wary of tissue necrosis, does not protect against fungals*
hydrocortisone Cortaid Cortizone Cortate corticosteroid (low) decr. itis, incr. healing, relieves pain *use sparingly* OTC, but behind counter
"caine/cane" numbing / analgesic
"sone/olone" corticosteroid / anti-inflammatory *be wary of burning, pruritus, dryness, excessive hair growth, rebound dermatitis, acne, hypopigmentation, skin thinning*
hydrocortisone acetate Hyderm corticosteroid (low) OTC
prednicarbate Dermatop corticosteroid (low) OTC
betamethasone valerate Valisone Ectosone corticosteroid (high) Rx
betamethasone dipropionate Diprosone corticosteroid (high) Rx
desoximetasone Topicort corticosteroid (high) Rx
hydrocortisone valerate Hydroval Westcort corticosteroid (high) Rx
mometasone furoate Elocom corticosteroid (high) Rx
triamcinolone Aristocort corticosteroid (high) Rx
amcinonide Cyclocort corticosteroid (super potent) Rx
betamethasone dipropionate augmented Diprolene corticosteroid (super potent) Rx
betamethasone + salicylic acid Diprosalic corticosteroid (combo) Rx
"imus" calcineurin inhibitor (Rx) dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis
tacrolimus Protopic calcineurin inhibitor (Rx) dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis
pimecrolimus Elidel calcineurin inhibitor (Rx) dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis
calcipotriol Dovonex vitamin D analog (Rx) dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis
calamine lotion calamine counterirritant (relieves pruritus) OTC bug bites, rashes, hives, poison ivy/oak
"umab" biologic response modifier "immunotherapy" *must have tried multi. other classes before these meds*
adalimumab Humira biologic response modifier "immunotherapy" *must have tried multi. other classes before these meds*
etanercept Enbrel biologic response modifier "immunotherapy" *must have tried multi. other classes before these meds*
guselkumab Tremfya biologic response modifier "immunotherapy" *must have tried multi. other classes before these meds*
infliximab Remicade biologic response modifier "immunotherapy" *must have tried multi. other classes before these meds*
secukinumab Cosentyx biologic response modifier "immunotherapy" *must have tried multi. other classes before these meds*
ustekinumab Stelara biologic response modifier "immunotherapy" *must have tried multi. other classes before these meds*
apremilast Otezla immunosuppressive (Rx) "anti-rejection" psoriasis *must be paired with folic acid*
methotrexate MTX immunosuppressive (Rx) "anti-rejection" cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, organ transplants
cyclosporin Neoral Sandimmune immunosuppressive (Rx) "anti-rejection" psoriasis, organ transplants, rheumatoid arthritis, nephrotic syndrome
methoxsalen Oxsoralen immunosuppressive (Rx - lotion) "DNA inhibitor" psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, lymphoma (cancer) *combined with PUVA (ultraviolet light A radiation therapy)*
omalizumab Xolair immunosuppressive (Rx) "Anti-IgE" asthma, CIU (chronic idiopathic uticaria, or chronic hives)
dupliumab Dupixent immunosuppressive (Rx) "immunomodulator" atopic dermatitis, rhinosinusitis with polyps
selenium sulfide Head & Shoulders, Slesum Blue dandruff (OTC)
coal tar Neutrogena T-gel dandruff (OTC)
ketoconazole Nizoral dandruff (OTC)
finasteride Propecia hair loss (Rx)
minoxidil Rogaine hair loss (Rx)
diphenhydramine Benadryl antihistamine (OTC)
calamine & diphenhydramine Caladryl antihistamine (OTC)
loratadine Claritin antihistamine (OTC)
cetrizine Zyrtec Aller-tec antihistamine (OTC)
bacitracin, gramicidin & polymyxin B Polysporin (3-action) anti-bacterial (OTC)
fusidic acid Fucidin anti-bacterial (OTC)
mupirocin Bactroban anti-bacterial (OTC)
"azole" anti-fungals
ciclopirox Penlac (nail polish), Loprox (cream) topical antifungal (OTC) *may cause burning sensation when applied*
clotrimazole Canesten, Lotrimin topical antifungal (OTC). Treats candida, oral thrush, jock itch, ringworm, diaper rash, athlete's foot*
fluconazole Diflucan topical antifungal (OTC) *very strong dose - 1 needed* Treats candida
efinaconazole Jublia topical antifungal (OTC) nail polish
itraconazole Sporonox oral antifungal (Rx) severe fungal infections
ketoconazole Nizoral antifungal seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections of the scalp
miconazole Micatin, Monistat antifungal candida
terbinafine Lamisil antifungal (oral, topical) (OTC) Treats: athlete's foot, ringworm, jock itch
tolnaftate Tinactin antifungal Treats: jock itch, athlete's foot
benzoyl peroxide Benzac Benzagel Clearasil topical antibiotic (OTC) acne
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