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South America

key terms for south america

Altiplano High-elevation plateau, basin, or valley between even higher mountain ranges, especially in the Andes of South America
Land Alienation One society or culture group taking land from another
Liberation Theology A powerful religious movement that arose in South America during the 1950s, and subsequently gained followers throughout the global periphery
Subsistence Agriculture Farmers who eke out a living on a small plot of land on which they are only able to grow enough food to support their families or at best a small community
Uneven Development The notion that economic development varies spatially, a central tenet of core-periphery relationships in realms, regions, and lesser geographic entities
Supranationalism A venture involving three or more states—political, economic, and/or cultural cooperation to promote shared objectives
Informal Sector The primitive form of capitalism found in many developing countries that takes place beyond the control of government
Barrio Term meaning “neighborhood” in Spanish
Favela Shantytown on the outskirts or even well within an urban area in Brazil
Megacity Informal term referring to the world’s most heavily populated cities (Ex: Mexico City)
Dependencia Theory A new way of thinking about economic development and underdevelopment that explained the persistent poverty of certain countries in terms of their unequal relations with other countries
Insurgent State The establishment by antigovernment insurgents of a territorial base in which they exercise full control; thus a state within a state (Ex: Farclandia)
Failed State A country whose institutions have collapsed and in which anarchy prevails (Ex: Colombia)
Triple Frontier The turbulent and chaotic area in southern South America that surrounds the convergence of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay
Primate City A country’s largest city—ranking atop its urban hierarchy—most expressive of the national culture and usually (but not in every case) the capital city as well (Ex: Buenos Aires)
Buffer State A country or set of countries separating ideological or political adversaries
Entrepôt A place, usually a port city, where goods are imported, stored, and transshipped; a break-of-bulk point
Forward Capital Capital city positioned in actually or potentially contested territory, usually near an international border; it confirms the state’s determination to maintain its presence in the area of contention (Ex: Brasília)
Cerrado Regional term referring to the fertile savannas of Brazil’s interior Central-West that make it one of the world’s most promising agricultural frontiers
Elongation In political geography, refers to the territorial configuration of a state that is at least six times longer than its average width
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