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Cornrows Also known as canerows; narrow rows of visible braids that lie close to the scalp and are created with a three-strand
Fishtail braid Simple two strand braid in which hair is picked up from the sides and added to the strands as they are crossed over each other.
Invisible Braid Also known as inverted braid or French braid; a three strand braid that is produced with an overhand technique.
Locks Also known as dreadlocks; separate networks of curly
Natural hairstyling Hairstyling that uses no chemicals or dyes and does not alter the natural curl or coil pattern of the hair.
Overhand technique A technique in which the first side section goes over the middle one
Rope braid Braid created with two strands that are twisted around each other.
Single Braids Also known as box braids or individual braids; free-hanging braids
Twisting Overlapping two strands to form a candy cane effect.
Underhand technique Also known as plaiting; a technique in which the left section goes under the middle strand
Visible braid Three strand braid that is created using an underhand technique.
Weaving Interweaving a weft of faux with natural hair.
Bantu knot or Nubian knots The hair is double-strand twisted or coil twisted and wrapped around itself to make a knot. Knots are secured by bobby pins or elastic bands.
Bantu knot-out style Knots can be opened and released to create wavy and fuller loose curls.
Braid-out set This style involves braiding the hair when either wet or dry and then opening the braid to create a crimped texture-on-texture effect with added volume.
coils Also known as comb twist; small sections of natural hair that are gelled and spiraled with fingers or a comb to create individual formations of tight
coil-out Once hair is comb coiled into individual coils
coil comb technique A technique with individual formations of cylindrical coils used to create coil styles or locks. This method involves placing the comb at the base of the scalp and
flat-twist Simple two-strand braid in which hair is picked up from the sides and added to the strands as they are crossed over each other.
glamour waves Flat-twist set is unraveled to make a loose
halo braids Two or three long
nubian knots Also known as Bantu knots; hair is double-strand twisted or coil twisted and then wrapped around itself to create a knot and then secured with a pin or elastic band.
spiral rod set This set can be done with rods
steamer Used to deeply hydrate
textured set and style Textured sets elongate the natural frizzy hair and make a smooth-silky curl
textured hair Hair with a tight coil pattern.
twist-out A double-stranded twist set is unravel and opened to create a spirally
wave pattern The coil configuration
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