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Geography: Unit 1

Define Mountain A mountain is one of the largest landforms and has a peak commonly covered in snow.
Define Valley A valley is a low-lying area between hills and mountains, it commonly has a river running through it.
Define Plain A plain is a flat area along valleys, if a plain is near a coast it is known as a coastal plain.
Define Plateau A plateau is a high chunk of flat land.
Define Island A island is regarded as a chunk of land surrounded by water and not connected to any other land.
Define Lake A lake is a body of water completely surrounded by land, which makes it the opposite of a island.
Define Desert A desert is a barren wasteland with little water and plant life.
Define River A river is a stream flowing into another body of water such as a lake.
What is the Theory of Plate Tectonics? The theory of plate tectonics is dealing with the lithosphere and how it moves through convection cells.
What is the lithosphere responsible for? The lithosphere is the surface we stand on also known as the crust and contributes to the movement of plate tectonics.
What is the asthenosphere responsible for? The asthenosphere is what causes convection cells which cause the movement of plate tectonics.
What is Earth core responsible for? The core is what creates Earth's magnetic field and gravity.
Who is Alfred Wenger Alfred Wenger is a German polar researcher, geophysicist, and meteorologist.
Evidence supporting the theory of plate tectonics Things like fossil evidence and sea floor magnetism.
A divergent boundary is? A divergent boundary is a plate tectonic boundary that moves away from each other
A convergent boundary is? A convergent boundary is where 2 plates collide and eventually one subducts.
A transform boundary is? A transform boundary is were 2 plate slide horizontally away from each other.
Define Erosion The gradual destruction of land through wind, water, and ice
Define Weathering The wear away of the appearance of something like rock.
The 3 agents of erosion are? Wind, water and ice
How do humans alter landforms We alter landforms from the removal of plant life (trees) and mining/fracking for resources to make homes.
How do earthquakes alter the Earth's surface? They can cause landslide and tsunami's.
What is the epicenter? It is the point directly above the location of the earthquake.
What is the magnitude? The magnitude is determined by the strongest seismic waves.
How do volcanos alter the Earth's surface? It can cause new land to appear making islands and cause natural disasters like avalanches and tsunami's.
What is a seismograph? A seismograph is a tool in which scientist use to measure and record the magnitude and duration of the earthquake.
What is the Richter Scale? The Richter Scale is the scale that scientist use to record the size of each earthquake.
Created by: Fruittytutty101
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