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Drug stem names approved by USAN

-ac anti-inflammatory
-actide synthetic corticotrophin
-adol, -adol- analgesic
-adox quinolone antibacterial
-aj- antiarrythmic
-aldrate antacid aluminum salt
-alol combined alpha and beta blocker
-amivir neuraminidase inhibitor
-andr- androgen
-anserin serotonin 5-HT receptor antagonist
-antel anthelmintic
-arabine antineoplastic
-aril, -aril- antiviral
-arit antirheumatic
-arol anticoagulant
-arot- arotinoid
arte- antimalarial
-ase enzyme
-ast antiasthmatic
-astine antihistamine
-atadine tricyclic antiasthmatic
-azenil benzodiazepine receptor agonist/antagonist
-azepam antianxiety agent
-azepide cholecystokinin
-azocine narcotic antagonist
-azoline antihistamine or local vasoconstrictor
-azosin antihypertensive
-bactam beta-lactamase inhibitor
-bamate tranquilizer
-barb, -barb- barbituric acid derivative
-bendazole anthelmintic
bol-, -bol- anabolic steroid
-butazone anti-inflammatory
-caine local anesthetic
calci-, -calci- vitamin D analog
-camsule camphor sulfonic acid derivative
-carbef carbacephem antibiotic
cef- cephalosporin
-cept receptor
-cic hepatoprotective
-cidin natural antibiotic
-cillin penicillin
-citabrine nucleoside antiviral/antineoplastic
-clidine muscarinic agonist
-clone hypnotic tranquilizer
-cog blood coagulation factor
-conazole systemic antifungal
-cort- cortisone derivative
-crinat diuretic
-crine acridine derivative
-cromil antiallergic
-curium neuromuscular blocking agent
-cycline tetracycline antibiotic
-dan positive isotropic agent
-dapsone antimicrobacterial
-dar multidrug inhibitor
dil-, -dil-, -dil vasodilator
-dipine phenyl pyridine
-dismase superoxide dismutase activity
-ditan antimigraine 5-HT receptor agonist
-dopa dopamine receptor agonist
-dralazine antihypertensive
-dronate calcium metabolism receptor
-ectin antiparasitic
-entan endothelin receptor antagonist
-erg- ergot alkaloid derivative
-eridine analgesic
-ermin growth factor
estr-, -estr- estrogen
-etanide diuretic
-ezolid oxazolidinone antibacterial
-fenamate fenamic acid ester or salt
-fenin diagnostic aid
-fenine analgesic
-fentanil narcotic analgesic
-fiban fibrinogen receptor antagonist
-fibrate clofibrate type compound
-filcon hydrophilic compound lens material
-fingol sphingosine
-flapon 5-lipoxygenase activating protein inhibitor
-flurane general inhalation anesthetic
-focon hydrophobic contact lens material
-formin oral hypoglycemic agent
-fradil calcium channel blocker
-fungin antifungal antibiotic
-fylline, phylline theophylline derivative
-gab- GABA mimetic
-gado- gadolinium derivative
-ganan antibacterial
-gest progestin
-giline MAO inhibitor
-gillin antibiotic
gli- oral hypoglycemic agent
-glitazone antidiabetic
-gramostim granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor
-grastim granulocyte colony-stimulating factor
-grel, -grel- platelet antiaggregant
guan- antihypertensive
-icam anti-inflammatory agent
-ifen antiestrogens
-ilide class III antiarrythmic
-imex immunostimulant
-imib Acyl-CoA cholesterol acetyltransferase (ACAT) inhibitor
-imode immunomodulator
-imus immunosuppressive
io- iodide-containing contrast media
-irudinm anticoagulant
-isomide antiarrthymic
-iurn quaternary ammonium derivative
-kacin antibiotic
-kalant potassium channel agonist
-kef-, -keph- encephalin agonist
-kin interleukin type substance
-kinra interleukin receptor antagonist
-kiren renin inhibitor
-iazad lipid peroxidation inhibitor
-leukin interleukin-2 type compound
-lubant leukotriene antagonist
-lukast leukotriene receptor antagonist
-lutamide antiadrogen
-mab monoclonal antibody
-mantadine, -mantine- adamantine derivative
-mastat antineoplastic
-meline cholinergic agonist
-mer polymer
-mesine sigma receptor ligand
-mestane antineoplastic
-metacin anti-inflammatory substance
-micin aminoglycoside antibiotic
-monam monobactam antibiotic
-mostim monocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor
-motine antiviral
-moxinm monoamine oxidase inhibitor
-mustine antineoplastic agent
-mycin macrolide antibiotic
-nab, -nab- cannabinol derivative
nal- narcotic agonist/antagonist
-navir HIV protease inhibitor
-nidap nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent
-nidazole antiprotozoal agent
nifur- 5-nitrofuran derivative
-nixin anti-inflammatory agent
-olol beta-blocker
-olone steroid
-onoide topical steroid
-orex anorexiant
-orphan morphinan derivative
-oxacin quinolone antibiotic
-oxan alpha adrenoreceptor antagonist
-oxanide antiparasitic agent
-oxef antibiotic
-oxetine antidepressant
-pafant platelet activating factor antagonist
-pamide diuretic
-pamil coronary vasodilator
-pamine dopaminergic
-parcil antithrombotic
-parcin glycopeptide antibiotic
-parin heparin derivative
-paroid heparinoid type substance
-penem antibiotic
perfl(u)- per-fluoro chemical
-peridol antipsychotic
-pirox antimycotic pyridine derivative
-plact platelet factor 4 analog
-planin antibacterial
-platin antineoplastic
-plon non-benzodiazepine anxiolytic
-poetin erythropoietin
-porfin benzoporphyrin
-pramine imipramine-type antidepressant
-prazole antiulcer
pred-, -pred-, -pred prednisone derivative
-pressin vasoconstrictor
-priode antipsychotic
-pril antihypertensive agent
-prilat antihypertensive agent
-prim antibacterial
-profen anti-inflammatory agent
-prost, -prost- prostaglandin derivative
-queside cholesterol sequestrant
-ractam nootrope substance
-relin prehormone
-relix hormone release inhibiting agent
-renone aldosterone antagonist
-restat-, -restat aldost reductase inhibitor
-retin retinol derivative
-ribine ribofuranil
rifa- antibiotic
-rinone cardiotonic agent
-rozole aromatase inhibitor
-rubicin antineoplastic antibiotic
sal-, -sal-, -sal salicylic acid derivative
-sartan angiotensin II receptor antagonist
-semide diuretic
-serpinme derivatives of Rauwolfia alkaloid
-setron serotonin (5-HT3) antagonist
-sidomine antianginal
som- growth hormone derivative
som-, -bove bovine somatotrophin derivative
som-, por porcine somatotrophin derivative
-spirone anxiolytic
-sporin immunosuppressant
-stat-, -stat enzyme inhibitor
-ster- steroid (androgen, anabolic)
-steride testosterone reductase inhibitor
-stigmine anticholinesterase
-stinmel NMDA receptor antagonist
sulfa- sulfonamide antibacterial
-sulfan antineoplastic alkylating agent
-tant tachykinin receptor antagonist
-tecan antineoplastic
-tepa antineoplastic
-teplase tissue-type plasminogen activator
-terol bronchodilator
-tesinol thymidylate synthetase inhibitor
-thiazide diuretic
-tiapine antipsychotic
-tiazem calcium channel blocker
-tibant antiasthmatic
-tide peptide
-tidine H2 receptor antagonist
-tocin oxytocin derivative
-toin antiepileptic
-trexate folic acid analog
-trexed antineoplastic agent
-tricin antibiotic
-triptan antidepressant
-triptyline antidepressant
-troban antithrombotic
-trodast thromboxane A receptor antagonist
-troline antipsychotic
trop-, -trop- atropine derivative
-udine antineoplastic
-uplase urokinase type plasminogen activator
-uracil uracil derivatives used as thyroid antagonists and as antineoplastics
-uridine uridine derivatives used as antiviral agents and as antineoplastics
-vastatin antihyperlipidemic
-verine spasmolytic agent
vin-, -vin- vinca alkaloid
vir-, -vir-, -vir antiviral substance
-virsen antisense
-vudine antineoplastic/antiviral agent
-xanox antiallergic respiratory tract drug
-zolamide carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
-zolast benzoxazole antiasthmatic
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