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Body Idioms

English idioms with body parts

be all ears to listen attentively
break a leg to wish good luck!
get cold feet to be afraid
cost an arm and a leg to be expensive
cry your heart out to cry uncontrollably
face the music to confront unpleasant consequences
flesh and blood relative
get something off your chest to say something you wanted to say
give a hand to help
have your head in the clouds to daydream
give a head start to have an advantage over someone
keep an eye on to watch
learn by heart to memorize
let your hair down to behave more freely than usual
have your lips sealed to promise to keep a secret
make your blood boil to make you really angry
over your dead body to show a complete opposition to something
pat on the back a gesture of approval, support, or praise
play something by ear to do something without special preparation
pull one's leg to tease someone
rule of thumb a broadly accurate principle
have a sweet tooth to love sugary foods
wash one's hands of something to refuse to accept responsibility for something
bite your tongue to try hard not to say something you want to say
give someone a cold shoulder to ignore someone
turn a blind eye to not notice something deliberately
a pain in the neck an annoying person
lose your head lose control
point the finger at openly accuse someone of something
skin and bones very skinny
Created by: coachlanguages
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