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Paris Basin

21,000,000​ Population of the Paris Basin
400 MYA When the Paris Basin downwarp was formed
12.2 Population of the city of Paris in millions
300km Width of Paris Basin from West to East
500km Length of Paris Basin from North to South
Pays Different farming areas in France based on soil and crop type
400 hA Typical farm size in the Paris Basin
17 Number of Universities in Paris
70% The proportion of the working population in Paris who are employed in the Tertiary Economic Activities
1970s De-industrialisation began in the Paris Basin
30,000,000 Number of visitors to Paris each year
250km Speed per hour of the TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse)
75% Percentage of France's energy which is created by nuclear energy
La Defense Skyscrapers in the financial district
Boulevard Peripherique One of the busiest roads in Europe; a ring-road that surrounds the city of Paris to prevent traffic congestion in the centre.
1/3 The fraction of commuters in the Paris Basin that use roads.
Radial A pattern whereby all French transport routes radiate out from Paris.
Chartre Location of "Cosmetic Alley"; 96 km from Paris where famous cosmetics companies such as L'óreal are situated.
85% The percentage of French research carried out in the Paris basin.
Le Havre Heavy industry port linked to Paris by the River Seine
Heavy industry Steel, oil-refining and petro-chemical industries are examples
Nodal point A place, eg. Paris, where many transport routes converge.
Champagne This area, especially Reims, is famous for it's sparkling wine. Only grapes grown in this area can be used to make Champagne.
Viticulture The production of wine
50 Average size in hectares of a farm in the E.U.
Normandy A damp area famous for dairy, orchards and bloodstock, producing camembert cheese, golden delicious apples and strong horses!
Downwarp A hollow in the earth's crust formed after a period of folding.
Escarpments Steep sided features on the edge of the downwarp in which the Paris Basin lies.
Specialised farming Where an area is involved in one type of production only.
Brie An area of damp, clay soils great for dairy-farming, this region gives its name to a famous French cheese.
Beauce Also known as "The Granary of France", this area has the highest cereal yields of anywhere in the E.U.
Limon soil Also known as "loess" soil, a thick, fertile, easily-worked soil laid down after the last ice age.
Clay soil These soils are damp and ideal for dairy-farming and grass-growth. They are found in Wet Champagne and Brie.
Chalk soils Found in Dry Champagne, these soils are ideal for viticulture.
Created by: Ms. Healy
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