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Electricity &Magnets

A review stack for electricity and magnetism.

3 ways to increase the strength of an electromagnet 1. Add more coils; 2. iron core; 3. increase voltage
According to Ohm's Law, you would... divide voltage by current
In a step-up transformer, are there more coils in the primary or secondary coil? secondary
What do an ammeter and galvanometer measure? current
True or False--Transformers can only work with alternating current. True
Which of the following is a good insulator--a penny, a plastic rod, steel wool or copper? plastic rod
True or False--There is a third prong on plugs to protect your appliance from a short circuit. True
True or False--Batteries are made up of electrochemical cells. True
What would happen if you put a compass near the north end of a magnet? The needle points to the magnetic north
What is made up of one or more cells? a battery
What ia another name for potential difference? voltage
What is resistance measured in? ohms
True or False--Circuit breakers, fuses and ammeters are always wired in series? True
What happens when more bulbs are added to a series circuit? the bulbs get dimmer
What are aligned in a magnet? the domains
True or False--One way to make a magnet is to stroke a ferromagnetic material with a magnet in both directions. False
Three ways to strengthen an electromagnet are to increase the amout of ferromagnetic material, use another cell and __________ add more coils
What instrument should you use to measure a tiny amout of current? galvanometer
Electrons flow from the ____________ to ______________. negative to positive
What is current that travels back and forth called? alternating current
What does a switch do to a circuit? controls the flow
What is true about an ammeter reading in the beginning, middle and end of a series circuit? They are all the same
What does it tell you about the type of circuit you have, when on a certain strand of light bulbs, when one goes out, they all go out? It's a series circuit
What is a step-up transformer? one that increases voltage and decreases current
What is a step down transformer? one that decreases voltage and increases current
Which kind of current will work in a transformer--alternating or direct? alternating
Atoms are normally neutral and have an equal number of protons and ____________. electrons
True or False--Conduction happens by direct contact. True
What kind of charge does an object tha is charged by conduction have? the same as the object which charged it
What is it called when an object is charged by the transfer of electrons from another object by rubbing? friction
What is a complete path through which electrons can flow? a closed circuit
Which of the following explains why a charged balloon is attracted to a wall?--conduction, induction or friction induction
Why does your hair stand on end when you touch a Van de Graaf generator? like charges repel
True or False--Glass and rubber are good conductors. False
What is the rate at which electrons flow through a circuit called? current or amperage
True or False--In a series circuit, the amperage (current) is the same in all parts of the circuit. True
Created by: smhamilton