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Chinese Lesson 14

西红柿 xi1hong2shi4 / tomato
摊主 tan1zhu3 / peddler; stall keeper
tan1 / vendor's stand; stall
zhu3 / owner; host
zai4 / again; more
菠菜 bo1cai4 / spinach
水果 shui3guo3 / fruit
chuan4 / bunch, cluster
香蕉 xiang1jiao1 / banana
桔子 ju2zi / orange (fruit)
苹果 ping2guo3 / apple
西瓜 xi1gua1 / watermelon
bang1 / help (v.)
tiao1 / select, pick (v.)
不错 bu2 cuo4 / not bad, O.K.
cheng1 / weigh
衬衫 chen4shan1 / shirt
售货员 shou4huo4 yuan2 / salesperson
试(试) shi4shi / try on
衣服 yi1fu / clothing, clothes
hao4 / size (n.)
zheng4 / just
合适 he2shi / fit; suitable
hei1 / black
穿 chuan1 / wear; put on (v.)
大概 da4gai4 / maybe, perhaps
颜色 yan2se4 / color
zheng3 / whole, complete; exact
jiao1 / hand in
农贸市场 nong2mao4 shi4chang3 / farmers' market
市场 shi4chang3 / market
li2 / (away) from; off
离。。。近 li2... jin4 / close to...
jin4 / near, close
不但。。。而且 bu2dan4...er2qie3 / not only... but also
mai4 / sell
蔬菜 shu1cai4 / vegetable
鲜花 xian1hua1 / fresh flowers, plants
小吃 xiao3chi1 / snack, refreshments
价格 jia4ge2 / price
其他 qi2ta1 / other, else
地方 di4fang / place (n.)
不过 bu2guo4 / but
新鲜 xin1xian1 / fresh
毛衣 mao2yi1 / wool sweater
ba3 / measure word (handful of rice, certain vegetables)
jian4 / measure word (shirt, luggage)
jin1 / unit of weight
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