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Buddhism Vocab

1-Birch Buddhism

Decalogue 10 Commandments
ascetic one who lives a life of contemplation and rigourous self-denial for religious purposes
karma in Buddhism or Hinduism, the effect of the actions of past and present lifetimes, both good and bad on one's present life
reincarnation rebirth in another body
nirvana in Buddhism the state of perfect blessedness achieved by the extinction of individual existence and by the absorption of the soul into the supreme spirit, or by extinction of all passions and desires
enlightenment being made able to see or comprehend the truth; free from ignorance, prejudice or superstition
orthodox conforming to the usual beliefs or established doctrine, especially in religion
novice one who has entered a religious group or order but has not taken final vows
secular pertaining to the world or to things not spirtual or sacred
homage to pay respect by external action
arduous steep and therefore difficult of ascent; hard to climb
incantation the chanting of magical words or a formula in casting a spell or performing other magic
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