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GW 5 - Unit 6

Great Writing 5 - Unit 6, plus extra words from 21st Century Reading, unit 5

alarming (adj) making you feel worried or frightened
commodity (n) a product that is bought and sold
compile (v) to collect information together and write it into a list, report, book etc
depict (v) to describe something or someone in writing or speech, or to show them in a painting, picture etc
disturbing (adj) worrying or upsetting
eagerly (adv) very excited about something that is going to happen or about something you want to do
edible (adj) something that can be eaten
expire (v) when a period of time comes to an end, such as when food can no longer be eaten
poll (n) the process of finding out what people think about something by asking many people the same question, or the record of the result
rank (v) to have a particular position in a list of people or things that have been put in order of quality or importance
readily (adv) quickly and easily
reputable respected for being honest or for doing good work
revelation (n) a surprising fact about someone or something that was previously secret and is now made known
staggering (adj) extremely great or surprising, overwhelming
taken aback (adj phr) very surprised about something
access (n) the right to enter a place, use something, see someone etc
eradicate (v) to completely get rid of something such as a disease or a social problem
implications (n) possible future effects or results of an action, event, decision etc
unexpected (adj) used to describe something that is surprising because you didn't know it would happen
struggle (v) to try extremely hard to achieve something, even though it is very difficult
circumstances (n) the conditions that affect a situation, action, event etc
intimate (adj) private and friendly so that you feel comfortable
goodwill (n) kind feelings towards or between people and a willingness to be helpful
overwhelmed (adj) affected very strongly
Created by: NVCC esl teacher