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Geog Pre AP Final

Geography freshman final

a grassland area in southern South America pampas
5 themes Place, Location, Region, Movement, Human Environment Interaction (HEI)
Ohio, Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, and Michigan midwest
Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick Atlantic Provinces
a government run by a small group Oligarchy
California, Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Wyoming West
many would say Houston is an example of _____ gone bad Urban Sprawl
a cold dry wind from northern europe mistral
a glacier carved inlet fjord
farming on a mountain terrace farming
Europe has lots of these peninsula
if you die in the middle of Alaska you cannot be buried because the ground is _____. permafrost
the most accurate representation of the earth globe
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta Prairie Provinces
the lower this number is indicates that the country is developed and has adequate health care and a long life expectancies death rate
the circulation of heat convection
an effort to protect rainforest land by paying off some a countrys debt debt for nature
the spread of Christianity is and example of the process of ____. diffusion
When you believe as a child that some place is really far away but when you learn how to drive that place is only a few minutes away. This is and example of ______ phycological distance
they're the old ones on the eastern side of the US appilachians
the common market of Europe EU
one of the reasons polar ice is melting green house effect
the US ia a developed country with good health care, education, and oppertunities where as Nigeria has governmental corruption and a poor economy, these are examples of _____ push-pull factors
the US is a nation of these immigration
oil in europe north sea
the newest territory of Canada Nunavut
the US cabinet position created because of the September 11 attacks office of home land security
they settled Brazil Portuguese
it connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean St. Lawrence Sea way
compressed and decayed plant material used as a fuel source peat
the type of precipitation that Houston does not receive orographic
the ____ is a problem in most Latin American countries where there is small wealthy population and a large poor population income gap
the structure to connect the atlantic to the pacific panama canal
an earthquake of 9.8 would be devastating, 9.8 is a measurement on the ____. richter scale
the type of precipitation which is common on the summer afternoons convectional
the agreement that divided up the new world tready of tordesillas
New York City is west of London is an example of ___ location relative
agreement between Mexico, US and Canada North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
a ___ of 2.1 is needed to replace the population fertility rate
the Grand Canyon is a prime example of this type of external force erosion
this group of people thought the conquistadors were sent by the Gods Aztecs
Siberia is cold and dry is an example of the theme of ____. place
New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey Northwest
type of vegetation removal done in the rain forest slash-and-burn
border factories in Mexico making goods primarily for the US maquiladoras
the different attempts to create an accurate representation of the earth on a flat surface map projections
the Woodlands and King wood are examples of ___ sustainable communities
Elizabeth II, Nepolian, Tutenkanen, and Richard the Lion Hearted were all ___ monarchs
Helps Europe identify and find solutions to environmental problems European Environmental Agency
the statue of David had to be brought inside because pollution was destroying the surface is and example of the theme of ___ HEI
the Netherlands consists of 40% of these man made structures polders
first Europeans in the New World spanish
the map components TODALSIGS
the most common type of chemical weathering acid rain
the dominant type eco activity of the US tertiary
between the tropics of cancer/Capricorn and the artic/antarctic circle temperate zone
what the US experience on Sept.11, 2001 terrorism
a combination of latitude and longitude on the earth global grid
nickname of northern Scandinavia the land of the midnight sun
another term used for this is country state
the grasslands of northern South America llanos
a large up land region of France massif central
a growing postindustrial eco activity in the US quaternary
the belief that south central Los Angeles is mostly inhabited by gang members is an example of a ____ region perceptual
its around the pacific plate Ring of Fire
a system in which the gov't controls all aspects of the economy and society communism
a group of people with a strong identity and unity nation
the higher this number is the faster the population is growing and an indicator that the country is not developed birth rate
if you destroy the ___ of a country such as communication capabilities, it can be easily conquered infrastructure
gov't run by generals junta
a northern region of central Europe that contains 3 countries benelux
Ontario and Quebec core provinces
cutting down trees faster than they can grow back deforestation
the system in which the gov't owns or controls some aspects of the economy and society for the benefit of the majority socialism
giving land to poor farmers land reform
anthrax is an example of a ___ biological weapon
great destruction by fire holocaust
the 4 big islands of the Caribbean greater antilles
has the Parthenon Athens
Stalin and Hitler were one dictatorship
the higher the value of ___ the more developed the the country is and indicates the economic success of the country gap
the area where earthquakes occur plate boundaries
the determinates of climate LACEMOPS
the study of people, places, and the patterns and distribution of people and places geography
it was created by the British-North America Act dominion of Canada
they're in the summer and winter solstices
the condition of the atmosphere over a short period of time weather
a really big piece of moving ice Glacier
the same as the tropical zone lon/latitude zon
Texas, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and Maryland South
the average of daily weather conditions Climate
the amount of living things an area can support carrying capacity
the power of the people democracy
most of it is in Brazil Amazon rainforest
they're the young ones on the western side of the US rockies
breaking up into mutually hostile units Balkanization
the area between 66.5 degrees north and the north pole and 66.5 degrees south and the south pole Polar Zone
they're in the fall and the spring equinoxes
a Yankee living in the south and saying Ya'll is an example of ___. acculturation
mix of French-Canadian and Native American metis
the Native Americans that built Macchu Picchu the incas
the land bridge between Asia and North America Beringia
Tornado Alley is an example of a ___ region. formal
the Native Americans of Central America Mayans
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