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SS BM 2 Review 09

Social Studies BM 2 Review 2009

The U.S. _____ goods to other countries from its ports. Exports
A level or rolling land that is covered mostly by grass and flowers Prairie
SmartBoards, video-gaming and the internet are all parts of what industry? High-Tech
A trading center where ships are loaded and unloaded. New Orleans
What changed the Midwest by providing an easier way to transport goods, allowed faster transportation, and increased the size of towns. Railroads
What forms an important water transportation route from North America to the Gulf of Mexico? Mississippi River
Has strong winds, heavy rainfall and is located near the coast. Hurricane
The Interior Plains are made up of what two Plains? Central Plains and Great Plains
Who said that slavery should not be allowed in any new state that joined the United States? Abraham Lincoln
What process gives citizens the power to elect their government leaders? Voting
Kentucky and West Virginia mine more ____ than any other state in the United States. Coal
What allowed slavery in the new states formed in the South, but would not allow slavery in the states formed in the North? Missouri Compromise
The nation's capital (in which many citizens of Maryland and Virginia work). Washington, D.C.
Settlers crossed the Appalachian Mountains through openings between the mountains called: Passes
These cover a large area in the eastern and southeastern part of the United States. Appalachian Mountains
The North and South had different economies because: The North was based on factories and the South was based in agriculture.
The shift of people to cities from rural areas. Urbanization
This has its mouth at New Orleans and provided a means of trading and transportation for settlers. Mississippi River
This state is a peninsula. Florida
Created by: ChrisParadise