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CVR definition/range

Oxygen saturation Abrv Units Normal ranges SaO2 % saturation >95%
SaO2 % in person with chronic respiratory condition 88-92%
RR stands for what? What is measured/what are the units? What are normal values? Respiratory rate Breaths per minute 12-18 in healthy adult
What are ABG’s? What they measuring? Why is it used? 1)what-Arterial blood gas. 2)Measures-the PH or acidity, the O2 and CO2 levels in the blood from an artery. 3)why- Checks how well the lungs can move oxygen into the blood and co2 out.
What is paO2? What are the normal ranges including units? Partial pressure of oxygen 10-13.3 KPa
Partial pressure of carbon dioxide in artery is abbreviated to...?Normal range is...? Include units PaCO2 4.7-6.0 KPa
What is HCO3? Why is is measured? Normal values? Bicarbonate is byproduct of metabolism. Blood takes the bicarb to lungs to be exhaled as CO2 gas. 22-26 mmol/L is normal Kidneys also regulate bicarbonate by excreting it and reabsorbing it to balance body pH (7.35-7.45)
What is body’s normal pH? 7.35-7.45
What is BE? What is normal range? Units please! Base excess Acid-base balance value derived from blood pH and PaCO2 It’s the volume of acid needed to restore the blood to normal pH at PaCO2 40mmHg Norms- -2 to +2mmol/L
Peak Expiratory Flow Rate is maximal flow rate generated in forceful exhalation. Mainly reflects large airway flow but depends on voluntary and muscular effort of patient. Discharging-Asthmatics usually 75%+ of normal PEFR L/m Peak flow meter 300-600
Ratio between Forced expiratory volume (amount of air you can eject from lungs in 1 second) and forced vital capacity ( maximal amount of air that can be exhaled from lungs after deepest breath) Above 0.75 is normal below, suggests obstructive pattern
RHR normal ranges Below 50bpm is bradycardia and 90+ tachycardia
Diastolic BP is..? The bottom number S/D Pressure in the arteries at when heart rests between beats 60-90 normal ranges mmHg
Systolic BP is...? I.e. top or bottom number? Normal ranges and include units? The top or larger number Pressure in arteries during ventricular contraction phase 90 to140 normal ranges
Jeff’s data says Normal blood pressure ranges are? NHS ideal range is....? 90/60 to 140/90 mmHg NHS guidance suggests 90/60 to 120/80 ideal and above that could be at risk of developing High BP)
Systolic Bp 200 or above POSs causes: smoking, obesity, overweight, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, not enough physical activity, Alcoa excess, insufficient calcium/magnesium/potassium, stress, age, vit d deficit, kidney disease, long term sleep depriv
What can high BP cause? Heart disease, heart attacks, vascular dementia, strokes, heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, aortic aneurysms, kidney disease,
Pressure in the thoracic vena cava before it joins right atrium. I.e essentially a measure of filling pressure for the preload of right ventricular which controls stroke volume. Norm 4-12 CmH20
What is capillary refill time? What is healthy time? CRT is time taken for colour to return to external caplliary bed after pressure applied to cause blanching. Norm is Less than 2 seconds
Temperature Normal ranges 36.1-38.0*c
What are normal urine output ranges? For 70kg adult? 1ml/kg/phour So 70ml per hour
Anura is? Cessation of urine output
Less than half a ml 0.5ml per kg per hour of urine passed
Normal adult pass 1-2L of urine per day, polyuria is over 2l, some sources say 3l
Oliguria is defined as?
What is the term for excess urine passing? How many Litres?
Renal function- how many mmol of urea is normal per litre? 3-8mmol/litre
50/120 umol/L
What is the Glasgow coma scale? Method of communicating levels of consciousness in patients with an acute head/ brain injury
What are the ranges for GCS-Eyes opening? 4) spontaneously 3) to speech 2) to pain 1) no opening
What are the ranges for GCS-Verbal response? 5) orientated 4) confused 3) inappropriate words 2) incomprehensible sounds 1) none
What are the ranges for GCS- Best Motor response? 6) obeys commands 5) localises to pain 4) normal flexion 3) abnormal flexion 2) extension 1) none
AVPUC stands for? Alert Verbal Pain Unresponsive concussed
Intercranial pressure normal ranges ICP mmHg less than 10
Cerebral perfusion pressure Approx 70mmHg
Bloods -norms? 1)haemoglobin in men 2) in women 130-180 g/l in men 115-165 women
WCC norms? White cell count (10^9/L) 150-400
Troponin levels (ng/l) less than 10
Lactate levels Less than 2 normal 2-4 a bit of a problem, 4+ seriously high
NEWS stands for? What is normal value? National early warning score 0-1 Standardised across NHS to prevent patient deterioration Based on 6 standardly measured areas: Pulse rate, BP, respiratory rate, o2 levels, temp, conscious level plus new confusion is added in the updated news2
Created by: Debohack



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