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Gov Final


What kind of government system is used in the United States Federal System
In a democracy the ultimate authority belong to whom? The People
What was the magna carta? The first English document that limited the power of the government (the king).
What people were against ratifying the Constitution? Anti-Federalists
Why did the framers think it was necessary to replace the Articles of Confederation? The weak central government was powerless to make changes or run the nation properly
What did the Connecticut compromise accomplish? It created two houses of congress-one where representation was based on population and a second house where each state had equal representation.
Before the constitution was ratified by all 13 original states, what addition had to be made to the document? A bill of rights
Popular Sovereignty the government derives all its power from the people
the principle of government that promotes a national government with three independent branches is known as separation of powers
What is an example of the principles of checks and balances? The pres vetoes a law passed by congress, the supreme court declares a law unconstitutional, congress rejects the Pres's nominee for Supreme court justice
congress can informally amend the constitution by: passing laws
the power to coin money and regulate interstate trade is reserved to the the national government
An example of concurrent powers shared by both the national and state governments would be: collecting taxes, establishing courts and borrowing money
the principle of judicial review is the power to: To decide what the constitution means and whether a law enacted by congress or the states is unconstitutional.
the principle of Limited Government states that: no gov official is above the law, specific limitations on gov power, the gov has only as much authority as the people give it.
a case in which a person is charged with kidnapping and transporting his victim across state lines will be under the jurisdiction of the: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
The ______________ government is responsible for determining at what age a person may obtain a drivers license. state
which of the following is not done by any state gov? build roads, determine drinking age, coin money, set state speed limits? coin money
an example of a unitary government would be the government of: Great Britain
a bi-cameral legislature is one that has what? two legislative houses.
The attitudes held by a significant number of people on matters of government information is what? public opinion
what are factors in the development of a persons political opinions? family, schools, occupation
How might an individual's religion influence their political opinions? Their religious beliefs on certain issues or their place of worship might be best supported by a particular candidate or party.
When do candidates receive a mandate? When they have campaigned based on specific promises and win their election by a wide margin.
What does defining the universe of public opinion mean? Identifying the whole population that will be measured by the poll
What could factor the influence of a person being interviewed for a public opinion roll? appearance and clothing, attitude, and tone of voice.
What are some factors that could contribute ro low voter turnout on election day? time zone fallout, bad weather, ballot fatigue
what is not a universal requirement for voting in the u.s.? must be able to read and write
why are political parties essential to our democratic process? they are a major mechanism for forming a political policy
what group of people are most likely to vote democrat? african americans
what group of people are most liely to vote republic? wealthy white college educated males
what kind of party once belonged to a major party and then broke away? a splinter party
what is the first thing an induvidual must do if they want to run for political office? seek nomination
What are political action committees or PACs? organizations that do fund raising for political parties
What kind of primary only allows registered party members to vote for candidates? open primary
what is a precint? a voting district
a group that seeks to shape public policy to support a cause is known as what? an interest group.
how can the media shape public opinion? focus public attention on certain issues, expose corruption, cover the actions of politians.
how can television influence the political process? cover politcal conventions and primaries, allow candidates appeal directly to the people without the help of their party, and cover political speeches and debates.
what kind of ballot is most used in the u.s.? the secret ballot.
how long does each term of congress last? 2 years
how many sessions of congress are in each term? 1
how many members are in the house of rep? 435
how are members of the house appointed to each state? according the state population
how many senators does a state have? 2
how long of a term does a senator serve? 6 year
what is an expressed power? granted to congress because they run the government, specifically mentioned in the constitution, can reasonably be assumed to belong to congress because it is implied in the constitution.
what kind of power is able to regulate foreign and interstate trade? commerce power
what kind of power is esatblished to post offices, to coin money, and to declare war? expressed power
who has the sole power to bring charges of impeachment against the potus? the house of rep.
why is the speaker of the house more powerful than the president of the senate? the speaker is elected while the senate is not, the speaker is always a memeber of the majority party in the house, the speaker is aknowledged as the leader of the majority paty
why are congressional committees important? bills recieve their mosr thorough concideration in committee
what are joint committees? a committee with members from both the house and the senate.
What is cloture? the only way to stop a senate filibuster
what is a pocket veto? when congress is adjuourned within 10 days of submitting the bill to the president and he did not sign it
what presidential role is the president fulfilling when he sends troops to iraq? commander in chief
how long must a person have lived in order to qualify for the presidentaial candidacy? 14 years
how many terms is the president limited to in office? 2
how long do the presidency terms last? 4 years
what position is next in line after the vice president in the presidential succession? the speaker of the house
what are some flaws of the electoral college? they take too long to count the vote, there is no requirement for the electors vote for the winner of the mafority of the voters in their states, smaller states have larger proportional representation for their populations than do larger states.
Created by: cdealva
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