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Chapter 2 9-28-2020

Who has the authority to decide under what schedule a drug should be placed? Attorney General
A C-2 drug can be refilled: 0 Times
In most states, a prescription for a C-4 drug expires after: 6 Months or five refills
A drug monograph is: Literature on the drug
Methadone is a C-2 controlled substance that is commonly used for: Opioid addiction
When a prescriptions for controlled substances in C-3 through C-5 will be filled with other noncontrolled drug prescriptions, the controlled drug prescriptions are designated in the pharmacy by stamping with a C that must appear: In red
The following are tamper-proof prescription features except: Each sheet is nonsquentially numbered for internal and state-mandated record keeping
Which medication does not require a childproof cap? Nitrostat SL tablets
The highest level of a manufacturer recall, which indicates that products could cause serious harm or fatality, is a : Class 1 recall
If a technician is asked a question about the pharmacy's policies and procedures by a representatives of the TJC and does not know the answer, the technician should do the following except: make an answer up
To obtain a Schedule substance from a distributor, which DEA form must be filled out? 222
Which of the following controlled substances schedule drugs can be obtained without a prescription? C-5
Invoices for C-2 drugs must be kept for _______ years. 2
To destroy controlled substances, which DEA form must be used? 41
Record keeping is regulated by: state law
Created by: ElizabethCarela