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LA vocab tracks 2, 3

vocab words for "surprise" vocab test on Wednesday!

muffle to suppress or to quiet (verb)
incident an occurrence or a happening (noun)
paid heed to pay attention (noun)
wisp a streak (noun)
swiveled to twist or to turn (verb)
phenomenon an extraordinary event or fact (noun)
colleague someone you work with (noun)
intrepid fearless, brave or adventerous (adj)
stern harsh or strict (adj)
martinet strict or disciplinarian (adj)
shenanigans mischievous activity (noun)
confiscated to seis or to take away (verb)
querulous whiny (adj)
articulated to speak clearly or effectively (verb)
inimitable original (adj)
malevolent spiteful, malicious, wishes evil among someone else (adj)
wrathful full of anger (adj)
wrath anger (noun)
stifled to suppress or to lessen. (verb)
peer someone of equal rank or standing (noun)
demise death (noun)
uncompromising iflexible (adj)
resumed to begin again (verb)
emitting to give off or out (verb)
pandemonium wild uproar (noun)
amicable friendly or likeable (adj)
melodious pleasing to the ear (adj)
pealed to ring (verb)
daunted scared or frightened (verb)
petite small; adj
appropriate best suited; adj
encoutered to come upon or to meet; verb
jocularity humor; noun
proboscis large nose; noun
eerie strange, spooky; adj
querie to ask or to question;verb
differentiate to make different; verb
consternation amazment, dismay, or confusion; noun
amiable friendly; adj
terse brief, consise; adj
blurted to shout or speak out; verb
coiffure hairdo or hair style; noun
juncture a point in time; noun
emitted to give up; verb
penned to write; verb
furtive sly; adj
micturated urinate;verb
loathed to hat;verb
latter the second of two things mentioned; noun
percieve to understand or to see; verb
countered act in opisition; verb
unison all together; noun
infamous famous for being evil; adj
livid very angry; adj
nostrils noseholes; noun
anomale irregularity; noun
plethoua alot of; adj
dearth lack of; adj
slumped to collapse or to slouch; verb
woe sorrow, grief, or misery; noun
ominous threatning; adj
potificate to express an opinion in a pompous manner; verb
elude to escape; verb
wretched miserable; adj
unsightly not pleasing of the sight; adj
boisterous rowdy; adj
rumor-monger someone who spreads/starts rumors
purported supposedly; adv
forebodingly menacingly, threateningly; adj
compatriot fellow countryman or friend; noun
visage face; noun
marred scarred or ruined; adj
pursed to close your lips tightly; adj
Created by: cjpeters4