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Pentathlon 20-21 P.1

Pentathlon 2020-21 Spies Part 1 Enemies

What day and time did the bomb LITTLE BOY explode? August 6th, 1945 at 8:15 AM
What was the name of the plane that dropped the bomb LITTLE BOY and where did they drop it? Enola Gay and Hiroshima
How many people did the bomb in Hiroshima kill? 70k
What was the radius of the nuclear bomb LITTLE BOY and how many tons of TNT did it have? 10 miles wide and 13 tons of TNT
What year did the USSR and the US become allies? 1945
Who was the leader of the USSR and why did he envy the US? Joseph Stalin and he envied the US for the nuclear capabilities
What did Stalin do to gain leverage against the US? He sent spies to infiltrate the government and to gather information.
What is the NKVD? The Soviet Police and secret police from 1926-1943 and the police from 1943-1946
What does the NKVD stand for? The People's Commissariat of International Affairs
When did WWII end? August 14th, 1945
Who is Elizabeth Bentley? A US citizen and a Soviet Spy
What does Elizabeth Bentley do in New Haven, CT? She goes to an FBI office and exposes the soviet espionage ring however she doesn't have any evidence except for one thing
What is the one piece of evidence that Elizabeth Bentley does give the FBI office? She gave an envelope from Gorsky the chief of the NKVD
Where is Elizabeth Bentley from? Massachusetts
What was Elizabeth Bentley nickname from the Soviets and what does it mean? Umnitsa and it means clever girl or miss wise
Elizabeth Bentley suffered from what things as an adult? Alcohol and Psychological Disorders
Where did Elizabeth Bentley find solace? CPUSA or the Communist Party of the USA
What was Elizabeth Bentley's lovers name that she first met him by? Timmy
Who was Timmy? He was a Russian Immigrant
What was Timmy's real name? Jacob Golos
What things did the NKVD claim that Jacob Golos was? "among the cleverest most mysterious and most powerful spies to set foot on American soil"
Did he recruit Elizabeth Bentley? Yes
What did Elizabeth Bentley do once Jacob Golos got caught? She took over all of his operations
When did Jacob Golos die and how does he supposedly die? Thanksgiving 1943, Jacob Golos dies from a "heart attack in his sleep"
What did Elizabeth Bentley do after Jacob Golos died? She erased his spy identity from existence
Why did the NKVD do to Elizabeth Bentley after Jacob Golos died? They recognized emotional instability so they took away her power piece by piece until she didn't have any power in the NKVD after this Elizabeth Bentley went to the FBI
What did Elizabeth Bentley's confession do? it launched the biggest FBI Investigation
When was the Long Telegram made? February
What did the Long Telegram state and who wrote it? The USSR declared the US as their main enemy because they needed a reason justify communism, it was written by the US Embassy for Moscow; George Kennan
Where and when did Winston Churchill give his "Iron Curtain" speech? March in Missouri
What did Stalin call the Iron Curtain speech and why? He called this an appeal to war with the USSR because it separated the communist party with the non-communist party
What happened in the Summer of 1946? Truman instituted new Loyalty of the Federal Government Program
What was the goal of the Loyalty of the Federal Government Program? It placed fear in society that caused a hunt for internal allies
When was the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) was announced? Fall 1947
What businesses did the HUAC hit the most? Hollywood and Entertainment Businesses
What was the $64,000 question for everybody? “Are you now or have you ever been a member of CPUS?”
The $64,000 question caused a witch hunt for those involved in the CPUS, what group refused to answer this question and what consequence did they face, and who were in the group? The Hollywood Ten and they had to go to prison, the Hollywood Ten was composed of ten producers, screenwriters, and directors
M16? Britain's Spy Agency
Who is Kim Philby? Britain's Spy Chief
When did USSR recruit Kim Philby and his students? 1930s
What were some nicknames for Kim Philby and his students? Cambridge Spy Ring and Magnificent Five
What was one of the reasons that Elizabeth Bentley was one of the most unsuccessful double agents in FBI history? Kim Philby and his students exposed Elizabeth Bentley for telling the FBI about the USSR spies
What were some nicknames for Elizabeth Bentley? Red Spy Queen, Lady Spy, Comrade Woman, Nutmeg Mata Hari, Blond and Blue-Eyed (she was neither of the both)
Who is Whittaker Chambers? He was the 2nd defector and he was a journalist at TIME
What did he do in the 1940s after he beca rejected communist? He reclaimed his religious beliefs
What did Whittaker Chambers claim about Truman's handler? Whittaker Chambers claimed that Alger Hiss(Truman's Handler) had affiliations
Did Truman believe the allegations about Alger Hiss? No he didn't
The allegations that Whittaker Chambers claimed on Alger Hiss divided politicians and finally what did Alger Hiss get sued for and what day was he convicted and what was his consequence? He got sued for slander, he got convicted on January 21st and he got 5 years in prison
What did Truman call the allegations on Alger Hiss? "Red Herrings"
What year was Robert Lamphere when he joined the FBI and in what year? 23 years old in 1941
What year did Robert Lamphere get his promotion to the Soviet Espionage Division? 1944
Why did Robert Lamphere ask his boss to take charge of the messages from ASA? He didn't feel satisfied looking after each spy because "It’s never ending"
How did the USSR communicate without getting caught? They used one-time codes so they wouldn't be discovered
How did the USSR finally get caught with their one-time codes? They couldn't generate enough pads ( where they created and deciphered codes) so they started reusing them and became reckless so the US code breakers were able to decipher codes
Where was the codebook from that made it to Meredith Gardner's desk? Finland
Who was Meredith Gardner? He was a US code breaker who was able to hack the japanese language in three months and then moved on to russian, he was also socially awkward, his mind allowed him to make sense of the codebook found in Finland which no one else found use of
Who found Meredith Gardner's report of the codebooke? Robert Lamphere was mind-boggled by how Meredith Gardner was able to put the pieces together for the codebook
What was the name of the secret project that Meredith Gardner and Robert Lamphere started? VENONA
What did Robert Lamphere view Meredith Gardner as first? Tall, lanky, loner, quiet, intense
Who did the US compare Stalin to? Hitler
What happened June 24th, 1948? USSR cut off all supplies, electricity and rail/roads to West Berlin which was controlled by US, France, and Britain
Why did Stalin do what he did on June 24th, 1948? He expected the allies to breakdown
Who is General Lucius Clay? US Commander
Who said this quote, “We are convinced that our remaining in Berlin is essential to our prestige in Germany and Europe. Whether good or bad, it has become a symbol of American intent.” ? General Lucius Clay
Why did the allies not back down from East Germany even though it was controlled by USSR? If the allies backed down in Germany where Hitler was a dictator then how would Stalin believe that the allies are powerful
What did Truman do after USSR blockaded and stopped giving resources? He sent a fleet of B-29 ( same ones used in Hiroshima) to bases in England as a threat however they weren't carrying TNT
When did the USSR remove their blockade? May 1949
In the 1940s there were no active spies in USSR, where were the closest spies? Berlin
Where in D.C. did codebreakers gather to uncover USSR secrets in 1949? Arlington Hall
When did the US discover that the USSR had nuclear weapons that were testing in Kazakhstan? September 1st, 1949
What did the US nickname the nukes in USSR? Joe 1 after Joseph Stalin
What were the headlines of September 2nd, 1949? ”Russia has an atomic bomb, Red have exploded atom” says Truman
How far did US politicians and officials think USSR was away from figuring out nuclear powere? 4 years
Did the USSR having nukes affect US monopoly? Yes
What was Truman's response to USSR having nukes? "Build Bigger Bombs"
What type of bombs did the US build after knowing that USSR has nukes? Hydrogen Bomb- 1000x more powerful than Hiroshima
After knowing that USSR has nukes what became VENONA's main purpose? To steal the USSR's advantage in the nuclear arms race or NAR
What is the 1944 Soviet Cable? One of Meredith Gardner's decryptions have lead them to believe that an important paper that is crucial to building an atom bomb got leaked from the Manhattan Project
Who is the author of the paper that got leaked from the Manhattan Project? Klaus Fuchs
Who is Klaus Fuchs? He is a German-born British scientist that is a communist. He worked on the Manhattan project and travelled in 1945
Where did the project VENONA turn to when they needed help? M16
When did Klaus Fuchs confess to his crime? January 4th, 1950
When did Klaus Fuchs get convicted and how many years did he have to serve, and how long did he actually serve? March 1950, 14 years, and only served 9 years
Who is Julius Rosenberg? He is the leader of Soviet spies inside the US
What is Julius Rosenberg's codename in the project of VENONA? LIBERAL
When was Julius Rosenberg's arrest? 1950
When and where is Julius Rosenberg's trial ? 1951 and New York
When did Julius Rosenberg go to the electric chair and why was this important? 1953 and this is important because it helped Joseph McCarthy's inflammatory speech
When and where was Joseph McCarthy's inflammatory speech? February 9th, 1950 and West Virginia
Who is Joseph McCarthy? He is an american senator who is the most anti-communist leader in the US that started the most vigorous search for communists that took over the US in the 1950s
What day did George Blake go to church only to socialize with elite koreans and what did he learn that specific day? Is he actually religious? Sunday, June 25th, 1950 and he isn't religious as he only goes to church to socialize with other koreans. He learned that North Korea crossed the 38t parallel
Why is George Blake in Korea? For two movements; Communist Soviet Movement, and Pro-American Movement
Who lead the Pro-American Movement in Korea? Syngman Rhee
Where did Korea split after Korea's defeat in 1945? 38th Parallel
What happened after 1948 with the US and USSR regarding Korea? They both assumed they would unify under a single government but once that didn't happened they were aggressive against each other at the border of Korea
Who was the leader of the Chinese communists? Mao Zedong
When did the Chinese Communists gain control of the mainland? 1949
How long was the Civil war with the nationalist forces Chiang Kai-Shek? 4 years long
Did Mao Zedong lend forces to North Korea because of their communist values? Yes
What happened on June 27th with Syngman Rhee? He left Seoul with other South Korea leaders leaving their citizens unguarded
Why did Truman not want to go back to Korea/Asia? He didn't want to deal with another country with failing communism
Where were some of the troops before the Korean War and before they were sent to North Korea? They were all in Japan so they could just go to North Korea
When was George Black born? Holland 1922
His family was very diverse because his mother was an Egyptian Jew and his father a Dutch Protestant, he had a cousin that he was very close with, what was his name? Henri Curiel
George Blake was the leading communist organizer that lived in France and he did what in Egypt? He founded the Communist Party of Egypt
When and why was George Blake assasinated? In 1978 and for political reasons
When did George Blake get recruited for the WWII? How old was he? May 1940 and he was 17 years old
What did George Blake do after Dutch surrendered to Hitler in WWII? He joined an underground resistance as a courier and he learned how to avoid the Gestapo ( the Nazi Police )
What did George Blake do after he evaded multiple arrests and escaped to England? He joined the Royal Navy to fit against Germany and that didn't last long
What did George Blake do after the Royal Navy? He enlisted in the M16; the Britain spy agency, because he attracted their attention in the Royal Navy and soon got into the Nazi espionage ring
What did George Blake do after 2 years in the Nazi espionage ring? He was and was sent to Korea to establish a network of connections in East Asia
What was George Blake's role in the Korean War? He was take prisoner quickly and was took to Pyongyang, he was kept in an abandoned school and was then take to Mampo near the Yalu River which is bordering China. The living conditions were also reasonable
What did General Douglas MacArthur do on September 15th, 1950? He lead an attack near Seoul at Incheon
Greater than_____ American and South Korean Troops went against the North Korean Army. 75,000
How long did it take for the American and South Korean troops to reclaim Seoul? Two Weeks later
What did General Douglas MacArthur do after they reclaimed Seoul? He sent troops to the 38th parallel to reclaim it
What day did General Douglas MacArthur ignored the warnings for not provoking the Chinese and for him telling Truman that the war will be over soon? October 15th
How did the Chinese and North Koreans win the war? They planned a surprise attack with the support of North Korea and met them at the river, they also won with thousands of casualties
What day did communists recapture Seoul? January 1592
What did General Douglas MacArthur do after Seoul was recaptured? He order to bomb “against every installation, factory, city and village.” while George Blake is also still in North Korea
What was George Blake doing in the Korean War? While he was captured he saw small villages and towns being destroyed along with the people in it. From then he started wondering if he was fighting for the right side
When did Truman replace General Douglas MacArthur with General Matthew Ridgway? April 1952
What did General Matthew Ridgway do in the Korean War? He settled both sides down forcing them to back to their side of the 38th parallel and saved South Korea but he didn't stop the war
How many more years from General Matthew Ridgway for the war to finally end? 2 more years
What was George Blake doing while General Matthew Ridgway was settling things down with North and South Korea? He was struggling in a makeshift prison in North Korea but received communist reading material in Russian, he also was called opportunistic because his beliefs in communism solidified
What happened with George Blake in Fall 1952? George Blake was able to sneak out of his bunk to write a letter for a meeting with Russian Embassy in Pyongyang by telling them he had interesting information
What happened 6 weeks later George Blake wrote the letter to the Russian Embassy A NOrth Korean officer accompanied George Blake for a walk and took him to meet with the local head of the KGB
Who was the KGB leader that was watching George Blake for months? Nikolai Loenko
What was the agreement that George Blake "signed on" with the USSR? GEorge Blake would supply them with M16 espionage information against Russia and their allies to the USSR and Blake didn't want compensation as he was a Double Agent
What happened April 1953? George Blake and other M16 prisoners in the Korean War would come back to England and be interrogated as his times as a prisoner, no one suspected him and he was also offered a promotion.
What happened after George Blake travelled back to HOlland? He met with Nikolai Borisovich Rodin; KGB's top spy in England in a city called Hague
What did George Blake talk about with Nikolai Borisovich Rodin in Hague? Future proceedings and how they will meet to exchange information, how to become a Soviet spy/mole, George Blake's code name which is DIOMID (Diamond in Russian)
What happened after George Blake went back to England as an official Soviet mole? He was reassigned a new KGB (Sergei Kondrachev) and the news that there had been treason in M16 was going around
Who was George Blake dating and soon married? Gillian Allen; a M16 secretary whose father is a M16 colonal, they got married which was USSR and M16 approved
What did George Blake do after he got reassigned to espionage in Berlin? He was assigned to recruit Soviets to be double agents for M16 which is the opposite of what he is doing
Created by: welovechurros
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