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Unit 9B / 5th Grade

A chair on wheels in which a sick or disabled person can move about. wheelchair
Without shoes or other covering on the feet. barefoot
A condition of noisy excitement; turmoil. uproar
A pain in the head. headache
Renowned; famous. well-known
In baseball, a hit that allows the batter to touch all the bases and score a run. homerun
A person hired to look out for the safety of bathers at a beach or pool. lifeguard
Over the side of a boat. overboard
A government department or agency responsible for sending and delivering mail. post office
A large building where goods are stored. warehouse
Showing or using the latest improvements, facts, or style. up-to-date
Containing or relating to information of the highest level of national security classification. top-secret
Full of awe or wonder. awestruck
A glass-covered electric light source in which a wire is heated by an electric current so that it gives off light. light bulb
In, to, through, or during every part of. throughout
A broadcast of news on radio or television. newscast
Spoken without reserve; frank and honest; bold. outspoken
For or during only part of the usual or standard working time. part-time
Plants and animals living in their natural surroundings. wildlife
A member of one’s own team. teammate
Created by: chanair19