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Key: North America

Borderland land near the border between two countries
Physiographic regions spliting Earth's landforms into distinct regions
Rain shadow effect a dry area on leeward side of a mountainous area.
Fossil fuel fuel formed by natural processes (such as coal or gas)
American Manufacturing Belt emerged as foundation of the North American Core.
Outer city residential area towards the edge of a city
Deindustrialization Loss of manufacturing jobs meant opportunities were found in suburbia
Gentrification land-use changes and urban neighborhood restoration (Raises property values and taxes and displaces former low-income residents with newer, more affluent ones.)
Sunbelt a strip of territory receiving a high amount of sunshine
Melting Pot blended cultures being contested by increasing ethnic and cultural complexity
First Nations Indigenous North Americans (Native Americans)
Devolution The process whereby regions within a state demand and gain political strength and growing autonomy at the expense of the central government
Central Business District commercial and business center of a city.
Technopole high-technology industrial complexes, large deposits of oil and natural gas
World-city Global influence as a cultural and media capital, sprawling megalopolis
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