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Ch 15

Blog Online journal in which people write about whatever they want about any topic
Communication The transfer of information and understanding from one person to another
Decoding Interpreting and trying to make sense of a message
Downward Communication Communication that flows from a higher level to a lower level
Encoding Translating a message into understandable symbols or language
External Communication Communication between people outside and inside an organization
Extranet An extended intranet that connects internal employees with selected suppliers, customers and other strategic partners
Feedback The receiver's expression of his reaction to the sender's message
Formal Communication Channels Communications that follow the chain of command and are recognized as official
Grapevine The unofficial communication system of the informal organization
Group Support Systems Use of state-of-the-art computer software and hardware to help people work better together
Horizontal Communication Communication that flows within and between work units; its main purpose is coordination
Informal Communication Channels Communication that develops outside the formal structure and does not follow the chain of command
Information Overload An overload that occurs when the amount of information received exceeds a person's ability to handle it or process it
Intranet An organization's private, internal internet
Jargon Terminology specific to a particular profession or group
Management by Wandering Around Style of management whereby a manager literally wanders around the organization and talks with people across all lines of authority
Media Richness Indication of how well a particular medium conveys information and promotes learning
Medium The pathway by which the message travels
Message The information to be shared
Multicommunicating The use of technology to participate in several interactions at the same time
Noise Any disturbance that interferes with the the transmission of a message
Nonverbal Communication Message in a form other than the written of the spoken word
Receiver The person for whom the message is intended
Semantics The study of the meaning of words
Sender The person wanting to share information
Spam Unsolicited e-mail jokes and junk mail
Stereotype A standardized mental picture resulting from oversimplified beliefs about a certain group of people
Telepresence Technology High-def videoconference systems that simulate face-to-face meeting among users
Upward Communication Communication that flows from lower levels to higher levels
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