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Library Lingo

Terms used at the library.

library A place that lends books and other media to people for reading and research.
librarian An organized professional who helps people with books and other informational materials.
quiet What you need to be in the library so that others can read and work.
check-out to borrow library materials
nonfiction a true or informational book that helps a person gather more knowledge on a subject.
title the name of a book.
author the person who wrote the book.
due date the date that library materials need to be returned to the library.
Dewey Decimal System An organized number system to find different types of books in the library
Library Of Congress the largest library in the world
Illustrator the person who created the artwork or drawings for a book.
call number the numbers used to find a book on the library shelf.
thesaurus a book containing synonyms and antonyms.
spine the part of the book that keeps the pages together and has the call numbers.
biography a book about a person's life
atlas a collection of maps and geographic information.
media materials films, video, audiotapes, etc.
fiction a story from the author's imagination.
braille book a book created for the blind
publisher the company that prints and distributes a book.
glossary a list of words with definitions located in the back of a book.
magazine guide a book that references articles in many magazines by subject.
caldecott award an award given each year to the most distinguished children's book illustrations.
autobiography a book about a person's life written by that person.
bibliography a list that an author uses to give credit to ideas or words that are not his or her own.
library catalog a library computer tool that tells facts about books. Its says where books can be found in the library.
library card a card that lets people borrow books, music, movies, and more from a library.
Newberry Award an award given each year to the most distinguished American children's book.
Table of Contents a section at the beginning of a book listing its subject or ideas.
dictionary a book that provides spelling, pronunciation and definition of words.
newspaper paper printed weekly or daily containing news features, opinions and advertising.
database searches computer searches for information on a topic.
dedication a section of a book where the author or illustrator thanks or honors someone.
copyright date the date that an author or publisher was granted the legal right to publish and sell a work.
autobiography a book about a person's life written by that person.
almanac a book containing lots of general information arranged by days, weeks, months or year.
periodicals another name for magazines and newspapers.
magazines a periodical containing articles, stories, editorials and poems.
reference books books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias that help you research different topics.
Created by: MommaDuties
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