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Stack #32577

foreman a small petty man: impressed with teh autority; handles himself formally
juror number two meek;adopts oppinion of last person spoken too
juror number three very strong and forceful; extremely opinionated; intolerant of opinions other than his own
juror number four wealthy; fells above rest of jurors
juror number five a naive, very frightened young man; finds speaking up when elders have floor difficult
juror number six honest; comes upon disuccsion slowly and carefully; finds creating posotive opinion difficult
juror number seven bully/coward;loud; quick to show temper
juror number eight quiter and thoughtful gentle man; sees all sides of every question; wants justie to be done
juror number nine mild/gentle old man; waiting to die
juror number ten angry/bitter; antagnizes almost at sight; places no valves on any human life.; has been no where and is going no where
juror number eleven refugee;from europe;came to country in 1941; has accent
juror number twelve slick;snob;trys to be a good fellow
Created by: Fox it up 06