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Social Psych Exam 1

Chapters 1 & 2

Big Ideas in Social Psychology (Hint: There are 3) 1) We construct our own reality 2) Intuition is powerful 3) Behavior is influenced by biology, personality, society
Components of Social Psychology (What 3 main ideas are explored?) 1) Social thinking 2) Social influence 3) Social relations
Hindsight Bias (Also known as?) I-knew-it-all-along phenomenon Things are obvious after they have happened
Ethics in Experimentation (Think of as many ideas as you can) Experimental Realism Deception Informed consent Protect from harm Confidentiality Debrief
Self-Concept (How does this differ from self-schemas?) What/how we know/think about ourselves and thus about others in a more abstract sense than self-schemas
Self-Schemas (How is this similar to self-concept?) Elements of self-concept that help us organize and guide the processing of self-relevant information
Spotlight Effect (How is this similar to illusion of transparency?) The belief that others are paying more attention to our behavior and appearance than they actually are
Illusion of Transparency (How is this different from the spotlight effect?) Describes our false belief that our concealed emotions leak out and can be easily read by others
Possible Selves (Who are you now? Who might you be?) The versions of ourselves that we dream or dread to be
Individualism (Does this apply to you at all?) The attitude of prioritizing your own goals and identity in terms of personal attributes
Collectivism (Does this apply to you at all?) The attitude of prioritizing the goals of your group and defining your identity accordingly
Self-Efficacy (What are Bandura's Strategies?) Our sense of our own competence/ability Mastery Experiences Modeling Social Persuasion
Self-Serving Bias (Different Types) Our overwhelming tendency to see ourselves favorably Self-serving attributions Unrealistic optimism (Defensive pessimism?) Better than average? False consensus False uniqueness
Self-Handicapping (I may have failed, but that's only because...) Our creation of excuses for our failures Why?
Self-Presentation (Impression Management and Self-Monitoring) Expressing oneself and behaving in ways designed to create favorable impressions I.M. = conscious act of soliciting impressions S.M. = adjusting behavior to fit situation
Social identity (What is/are yours?) Our particular abilities, traits, values, aspirations that may be influenced by social factors such as culture; groups we identify with
Social Comparisons (How may these be inaccurate or harmful?) Evaluations of one's opinions and abilities by comparing oneself with others; upward or downward
Other's Judgments (Discuss: How may they be skewed? What about your own?) These external attitudes may color the way we see and think about ourselves
Created by: StephenV