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DMV Test

NJ State Exam

What most all motorists carry at all times? valid driver license or provisional license, vehicle registration, and proof of valid liability insurance
How much time do you have to report a legal name change to the MVC? two weeks
How long do you have to report a change of legal residence (within state) to the MCV? one week
How long to motorists who move into NJ have to apply for a NJ driver's license (provided that they possess a valid out-of-state license)? sixty days, or before the out-of-state license expires, whichever comes first
What restrictions are on a provisional driver's license? no driving between 12:01 and 5:00am; passengers must be from the driver's household, plus one additional person; driver cannot use any wireless device (including phone) while driving; passenger restrictions don't apply if the driver is over 21.
What can be done if your permit or license is lost/stolen? it can be replaced in person at all MVC agencies for a fee of $11; loss/theft should be reported to the police
What are possible reasons for failing a road test? the vehicle is considered unsafe/unsuitable for a road test; improper/expired/absent inspection sticker; defect/condition that affects safe operation of the vehicle; equipment in vehicle preventing the examiner from reaching the foot or parking brakes
What does the NJ seat belt law require? all front-seat occupants must wear a seatbelt; the driver is responsible for enforcing this in passengers under 18, adults are responsible for themselves; the driver is responsible for requiring all backseat passengers to wear a seatbelt
Where should children 12 and under sit? in the back seat of the vehicle
What does the child restraint law require? passengers under 8 years and over 80 pounds, and all those between 8 and 18, must where seat belts
In a car equipped with airbags, which way should the child safety seat face? it should face the rear
When is the tread on tires unsafe for driving? when the treat is less than 1/16 of an inch (about the edge of a dime)
Where should hands be kept in normal driving? at 9 and 3 o'clock
When should you turn on your turn signals? at least 100 feet before turning
What type of signal is the horn? a warning signal
What is the hand signal for stop or slow? arm turned downwards
What is the hand signal for right turn? arm turned upwards
What is the hand signal for left turn? arm straight out
What should you do when driving in reverse? place the right hand and arm over the back of the front passenger seat and grasp the top of the steering wheel with the left hand
Where should your wheels face when parking on a decline? the wheels should be turned towards the curb
Where should your wheels face when parking on an incline? the wheels should be turned away from the curb
Where should your wheels face when there are no curbs? the wheels should be turned toward the edge of the road
What is the speed limit in a business district, residential district, or school zone? 25 mph
What is the speed limit in suburban business and residential areas? 35 mph
What is the speed limit on all other roadways? 50 mph
What fines are applied for exceeding a 65mph limit, and most other moving violations committed in a 65mph zone? double fines are charged
What, other than posted speed limit, should dictate your driving speed? never drive faster than weather, road, or other conditions safely allow, regardless of the posted speed limit
When is passing prohibited? when the centerlines are both solid
When is passing allowed? when the centerline is dashed on the driver's right side
When is the only time you should pass on the right? only on roads with more than one lane going in the same direction if vehicles on the roadway are moving in two or more substantially continuous lines, or if the driver is making a left turn
When should you not pass? on a hill or curve when sight lines are impeded; at a street crossing or intersection; at a railroad crossing; on narrow bridges; in an underpass or tunnel; when a sign or centerline prohibits it; when you're behind a vehicle yielding to pedestrian(s)
When should you yield the right of way? to police cars, fire engines, and ambulances when they are giving warning signs (such as flashing lights/sirens); to pedestrians in a crosswalk
What is a controlled intersection? an intersection where traffic is regulated by a traffic signal or regulatory sign
If you and another car arrive simulataneously at a controlled intersection, what is the rule for yielding? yield to the driver on your right
What is an uncontrolled intersection? an intersection where there is no traffic signal or regulatory device
What is the general rule for yielding at an uncontrolled intersection? the vehicle on the left yields to the vehicle on the right
What does NJ law say about making a right turn on red? it is legal, unless there is a sign posted saying otherwise; before turning, yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians
What do you do in order to mamke a left turn from a two-way road into another two-way road? approach the turn as closely to the center of the road as possible; do not cross lane markings; keep to the right of the new road
What do you do to make a left turn from a two-way road into a four-lane highway? approach the turn as closely to the center line as possible; make the turn before reaching the center of the intersection; do not cross lane markings; turn into the left lane (passing lane) of the other road and move to the right lane when traffic permits
When may solid lines between intersections be crossed? when entering or leaving driveways in business or residential areas
When is a driver required to stop? at a stop sign/red light; when ordered to by a traffic officer; at a yield sign when a safe merge isn't possible; when a schoolbus has stopped; when coming from an alley/private doorway/building; at a bridge span opening for boat traffic; for a pedestrian
When and where must a driver stop for at a railroad crossing? at least 15 feet from the railroad crossing when there are flashing lights, bells, or flag signals
When and where must you stop for a schoolbus? at least 25 feet away when traveling on a two-lane road, on a multi-lane highway where lanes are separated only by lines, or on a privately maintained road
What do you do when a schoolbus stops on the other side of highway where there is a safety island or raised median? slow down to 10mph
What do you do if a schoolbus has stopped directly in front of a school? watch for children and pass at no more than 10mph
What do you do if a frozen dessert truck stops? drive past at no more than 15mph
When are headlights required to be on? whenever windshield wipers are in use; between 1/2 hour before sunset and after sunrise; during rain, snow, and ice storms; whenever fog/smoke is present
When are bright beams used? in open country driving where no traffic is in sight
When are overhead lights used? only briefly if driving; to comply w/ a police officer's request to illimunate the driver's compartment of the vehicle when stopped
How many feet must you park from a fire hydrant? 10 feet
How many feet must you park from a crosswork? 25 feet
How many feet must you park from a railroad crossing? 50 feet
How many feet must you park from a stop sign 50 feet
What should you do when another car is trying to pass you? slow down and allow the other car to pass
What rule is used to determine safe following distance? the two-second rule
How does the two-second rule change during bad weather? increased to at least four seconds
When are road surfaces the most slippery? during the first few minutes of a rainfall
What is hydroplaning? car rides on a film of water
What is the legal BAC for minors? under 0.01%
What is the legal BAC for adults? 0.08%
What is the implied consent law? by using NJ roadways, you agree to submit to a breath test if suspected of drunk driving
What can happen if you refuse to submit to a breath test? driver will be detained and taken to a hospital for a blood draw; $1000 fine ("insurance surcharge") per year for 3 years; legal equivalent of driving w/ BAC of 0.10 = loss of license for 7-12 months
What is the point system? every driving violation has a set number of points that get added to a driver's record; up to three points are subtracted from the record for every year without offenses; two points will be added for an offense committed in an "Interstate Compact" state
Which states are not members of the Interstate Compacts that NJ is a member of? Alaska, California, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, Wisconsin
What does alcohol affect? vision and the ability to judge distance; decision-making and reaction time
What determines BAC? quantity of alcohol consumed, speed of drink consumption, body weight, and food eaten
What is the only way to reduce the risk of an alcohol-related crash? do not drink and drive
What amounts of wine and liquor have the same amount of alcohol as 12 ounces (1 bottle) of beer? 1.5 ounces of liquor; 5 ounces of beer
What beverage is most often consumed by drivers arrested for drunk driving? beer
What makes a driver sober? time
What are signs of drinking and driving? speeding, weaving, slow driving, jerking motion, quick stops
How old must you be to register a vehicle? seventeen
What criteria does a vehicle have to meet for the four-year inspection cycle? new car dearler inspection sticker on vehicle; vehicle currently owned by original owner; vehicle is still in possession of original lessee; model year is 2001 or beyond, or 2000 but was purchased in 2001
What order do traffic signals go when hung vertically? (top) red, yellow, green (bottom)
What order do traffic signals go when hung horizontally? (left) red, yellow, green (right)
What do you do at a flashing yellow light? slow down and proceed with care
What do you do at a flashing red light? stop, yield, and proceed when clear
What do you do when your car is skidding? turn in the direction the rear of the car is skidding
What do you do if your car runs off the roadway? slowly steer onto the road when safe
What do you if your brakes fail? shift to a low gear, pump the brake pedal several times; use the parking break as a last resort
What do you do if you cannot avoid a collision? choose to hit something that will give way, or make the collision a glancing blow or a sideswipe
What do you do if a tire blows out? slow down gradually, do not press the pedals, pull off the road and press the brake when the vehicle is almost stopped
Created by: nickyvee