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Chinese Lesson 8

今天 jin1tian1 / today
hao4 / date; number
星期 xing1qi1 / week
ba / indicating suggestion or doubt
昨天 zuo2tian1 / yesterday
日历 ri4li4 / calendar
yue4 / month
明天 ming2tian1 / tomorrow
咱们 zan2men / we (including the listener)
一块儿 yi2kuair4 / together
电影 dian4ying3 / movie
生日 sheng1ri4 / birthday
zhu4 / wish (v.)
快乐 kuai4le4 / happy
song4 / give
礼物 li3wu4 / gift
英汉 Ying1-Han4 / English-Chinese
词典 ci2dian3 / dictionary
时候 shi2hou / time; moment
开始 kai1shi3 / start; begin (v.)
xue2 / study (v.)
去年 qu4nian2 / last year
nian2 / year
ri4 / date
上(个) shang4 (ge) / last (month; week)
最近 zui4jin4 / recently
mang2 / busy
jiu4 / as early as; earlier than expected
常(常) chang2 (chang2) / often; frequently
体育馆 ti3yu4guan3 / gym
宿舍 su4she4 / dormitory
电视 dian4shi4 / television
cai2 / later than expected
星期天 xing1qi1tian1 / Sunday
图书馆 tu2shu1guan3 / library
jie4 / borrow
shu1 / book (n.)
下(个) xia4 (ge) / next
ji3 / several; how many
打算 da3suan4 / intend; plan (v.)
明年 ming2nian2 / next year
hui2 / go back
新年 xin1nian2 / New Year
ben3 / measure word for books
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